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We just met with our financial advisor for the house loans. I am very frustrated that we can't sell our house (we just lowered it another 11K). I know God will work out what's best for us, but it's hard not knowing what to do and having few options.

Hangin' Out

My brother and I walked up with Skyler to the new house and returned without him! Renea found us and took Skyler away. We came back and worked on the computer and watched some tv.

Another Driver!

Josh just left with his mom to get a permit. He turns 16 in 6 months and needs to have the permit for that long before getting a regular license. This past weekend he took a driving course.


Earlier, I called home and Renea said a lady came to our Open House shortly after I had removed the signs. I guess she fell in love with the house and wanted to bring her husband tomorrow afternoon. It would be awesome to finally sell - so much stress would be removed. God-willing, we will sell it. I hope we don't have to be in a transitional place...or at least, not for long.

Happy Easter

Yesterday we went to John and Margo's house for Easter and had a pleasant afternoon. We all felt sleepy (some more than others).

Skyler Meets Eliana

Yesterday, Skyler got to meet Eliana for the first time.

Birthday Pics!

Skyler, Lukas, and their mommies went to the mall to get photos taken. I just received an email with the proofs and they haven't even arrived back yet. I have been waiting for people to come by for the open house (no one has come).

Laura Ingraham Event

Renea and I attended an outdoor radio event, featuring Laura Ingraham and Senator John Kyle. The food was great, the atmosphere was pleasant, the speeches were intelligent and fun...but the air was chilly - especially after the sun set.

Grandma Time

We spent the afternoon at my Grandma's with my parents, Patrick, and Evelina. Earlier in the day, Renea and I dropped Skyler off at thhe nursery while we attended the church service. He was crying when we left him and crying when we arrived. He needs to get used to being with other people.

Eliana Karina Hinrichs

Renea and I visited Arrowhead Hospital last night and met our friends' daughter, Eliana. She was born earlier that day, weighing 8 lbs., 13 oz. and measuring 22 1/2 in. long.

One Giant Leap for Mankind

Ok, I just witnessed Skyler take a step from the couch to the coffee table and then from the coffee table to the couch. Prior to that he stood straight up for about seven seconds.

First Step?

Renea just called me in to the family room and claimed that Skyler took one step all by himself. Of course he wouldn't repeat this endevour (especially when I brought my camera in). Today I left work early to spend some time with Skyler. He was tired towards the end of our run.

Amazing Jakes!

The other day we went to Amazing Jakes for my nephew, Nathan's, 8th birthday. Everyone had a great time. We ate and ate and ate...and then ate. Check out the photos.