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Desert Trek

Today, I had planned to stay home from work to work on finishing up my graduate school classes, but Skyler started getting sick last night. He got the stomach flu and I spent the day with him. We played and had lots of fun. I even got some work done. Later in the afternoon, we took the trash to the curb and then decided to hike for a bit in the desert. Since he was only in his diapers, I put him on my shoulders. We saw the "owey-cactus" and some birds. He liked seeing our house from back there.

Papa Stu and Grama Gwen

This weekend I drove us to Durango, Colorado to visit Papa Stu and Grama Gwen. Our theme song was Shambala by Three Dog Night. Skyler would sometimes sing the chorus and got mad if Renea or I sang it! Overall, though, he did really well and it was a very pleasant trip. I decided to book us at a Hampton Inn in Gallup, New Mexico on the way up there. The weather was perfect the entire weekend and it was good to not have plans - just hang out and relax. Skyler loved going for rides on Papa Stu's tractor, scaring the dogs in his monster voice, and playing with his grandpa's toy train. Here are photos of our visit.

Death and That Other Thing

Renea and I used a "tax guy" this year to help with getting our taxes due down a lot. I learned my lesson and will never drive to the post office after the work day on April 15th. Tonight I went to our local post office to read a bunch of signs stating that it was too late to get it postmarked today, so I had to drive a few miles to another city. When I got close to my destination, I saw lots of cars backed up, thinking there was some rock concert or sporting event. No, it was about 1000 vehicles/people waiting to get into this giant parking lot to drop off tax returns. It took about an hour in line, but I had talk radio to listen to, so I wasn't too upset.

NASCAR? No way!

Well, I did what I thought I'd never do: go to a real NASCAR event. My brother invited my dad, Joe, and myself to the Bashas' 200 race, which was part of an entire weekend of different races. The feeling I got when I walked up the steps to see dozens of cars on their practice runs was amazing. Even more amazing was walking along the fence and feeling my whole body tremble when the pace car jetted into the pits and every massive engine exploded instantly to gain speed.

Talk Radio LIVE!

I dragged Renea to an event at the Maricopa County Events Center to see Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, and Hugh Hewitt, moderated by State Treasurer Dean Martin. It was a forum based on written questions from the audience. We had good seats and enjoyed it, discussing issues the entire trip home. "Talking" was one of the pieces of advice for a successful marriage.


Bronson and I made our weekly trip to QT after his music therapy session. When we went back to the van, I just had to get out the camera and take this photo.

Missing "Happy Birthday To You" Twice

Skyler was invited to two birthday parties around the same time and he left one early to go to the other...and missed singing Happy Birthday To You. Renea said they had been practicing all week for it. He still had a lot of fun flying a Buzz Lightyear kite and playing on the swings. He is now taking a much-needed nap.

Hockey and The Office

Tonight I met up with Bronson and his family for a Coyote's hockey game. I left before the third period, while they were losing 3-0, but had a great time.

When I got home, I started watching the recorded DVD of The Office episodes that were running as repeats tonight. At the end of the first show, there was a teenager playing the theme song on the piano at someone's home. Towards the end of his performance, text came across the screen which read "In Memoriam, Nathan Robinson". I immediately Googled the name and found out that he was a young teenager who passed away a couple of weeks ago. It was very sad to learn about his death, but it also was really good to see something like this being aired on national television, and as a result, all over the internet.