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Daddy Day at School

Today was Daddy Day at Skyler's preschool. I met him there, along with other fathers. We started out by playing t-ball. It was his first time playing and we ran the bases together. Next, we went inside for some activities, including a school-wide lockdown, which meant we had to go into a side room and quietly read books. Skyler and I got the perfect good book for the occasion, Just Me and my Dad, by Mercer Mayer. He read to me by telling me what was happening on each page. After the lockdown was over, his class sang a song for the dads and then it was shaving time! Skyler and I used shaving cream and popsicle sticks to shave each other's faces. I almost left to go back to work with a ton of shaving cream still on my face! Skyler gave me a nice poem and footprint painting before I had to leave. He then began his final craft for me, a shaved crayon and photo project. I had a lot of fun and I know Skyler was glad that we got to share some time together at his school.

Check out the photos.

Skyler and Lukas Play

Yesterday, we visited Lukas' house and helped out with some computer issues. Aunt Susan is taking her first online college course and plans on finishing her degree from a few years ago. While Renea and I were taking turns at the computer, Skyler and Lukas played around the house.

Renea also found out today that she passed her exam for school administration (AEPA). She was worried, but I knew all along that she would pass it. Can you imagine calling her Principal Herold?

Chipmunk Vs. Lizard!

I just took this photo from inside the house, looking towards the backyard wall.
Was the lizard about to attack the chipmunk? Who would win in a fight?

Pumping Gasoline

Skyler and I enjoyed a nice ride to and from his swimming lessons at Hubbard Swim School. He loves the convertible and hanging out with daddy in it. He helped me pump gas into the car and used his super strength! You can see the lollipop he usually gets after a successful swim lesson. This afternoon, mommy found his old pair of glasses, along with the new ones. Both are the same. I am going to put one pair in my car and one pair in the van.

Serious Sandbox

When it comes to playing in the sandbox, Skyler takes it very seriously. He always manages to get sand throughout his entire body (which ends up around and inside the house). Today, we spent a couple hours outside, working and having fun. I finally decided to remove the two hanging tomato plants.

Ashley's Surprise Visit

Ashley and a friend, James (from the Royal Air Force), stopped by for a visit today. They played some mini-golf and other outdoor attractions at Cracker Jax before enjoying a nice chili dinner and then departing back to base in Yuma.

Making Brownies

After returning from Josh and Lindsay's prom photo shoot, Skyler and mommy made brownies. Daddy just happened to wake up in the middle of the night and eat most of them.

Josh and Lindsay's Prom

Last night Josh and Lindsay went to prom. Earlier in the afternoon, Renea and I took Skyler to Lindsay's house to take prom photos. I took a lot more than I thought I would, but there are some really great ones and a few fun ones. It was interesting to be among the "parent paparazzi" since there were so many couples eating dinner at the house before going off to the dance.

Check out the photos.

Bill and Janie Visit

Today, Bill and Janie from California left to return home after spending a week at our house and my parent's house (we couldn't stand Bill for more than a couple of days). Yesterday, we visited the Out of Africa Wildlife Park and battled the cold wind. Everyone had a fun week. If I'm a little nicer, Bill and Janie said they'd let us visit them again in the fall.

Check out the photos.

Easter 2009

Today, we celebrated Easter Sunday by going to my parent's church and then hanging out at Renea's mom's house. We had fun on the Easter Egg Hunt and eating a yummy pot roast meal. Skyler also got to see the Easter Bunny again. Last year, he didn't have a clue who it was.

A few days ago, Skyler had fun coloring Easter eggs with his friends.

Check out the photos.

Monsters Vs. Aliens!

Right after I picked Skyler up from school, I took him to see Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D. Lately, I was worried he would throw a tantrum and be in a really bad mood. Not today! We saw it without any problems, except for the theatre was out of "caterpillar candy", so afterwards, we stopped and got some gummy worms. The movie was very entertaining and we both had a permanent smile. One of us needed a nap.

Renea is a Hero

For the past few days, my lovely and caring wife, Renea, took charge of all the school counselors in our district and spent many hours emailing and creating proposals for the school board regarding the potential of severe counseling position cuts for next year. She even spoke during a school board meeting and organized a great effort to save jobs. Last night, during another school board meeting, it was announced that school counselors would not be cut. Renea has gained a lot of respect and admiration recently from her fellow workers and has received numerous emails of gratitude from school counselors, board members, and other district office employees. I am very proud of her!

Yesterday and today, I stayed home to take Skyler to and from school. His sitter for after school is off the rest of this week. When I picked him up yesterday, I took these photos as he was getting out. I am about to go pick him up again now...


Yesterday, Skyler went to a classmate's birthday party with his mommy. There was a balloon artist and he made him a fishing pole with a fish and a ladybug. Later on, I walked into our bedroom and caught Skyler with a mouth full of candy and wrappers everywhere!

Coloring Easter Eggs With Friends

Tonight, Skyler had Nick and Quinn come over to color Easter eggs. They had fun using the different colors and hardly made a mess! While the adults played Catch Phrase, the boys ran throughout the house (and our playing area), playing Star Wars and attacking one another with light sabers.