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Chicken Nugget Contest

Now you can say proudly that you know someone who is the fastest chicken nugget eater around! Yes, I won the contest (and burned my mouth in the process). It was at our school's annual Chick-fil-A family night. Skyler and Renea were there to cheer me on and our assistant principal was so proud of me. After I won, she won the milkshake contest!

I won some free meals, but I need to make sure I pace myself and not be in such a rush.

First Swim of 2010

Tonight, Skyler and I started out in the hot tub, but got brave enough to jump in the pool for a little. It was pretty cold, but refreshing! Renea was teaching at her new weekly night class, so it we just had to be boys.

I can't wait until it warms up a little and we can swim every day (without having to be brave). Check out the video below.

Folk Songs From Around the World

I met up with my parents and friends to see my brother perform in the Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix. He has been practicing and performing with them for the past few months and this was my first time seeing him in concert. I think it's really good for my brother, Patrick, and I am glad I got the chance to go. The group had men from many different ethnic backgrounds of all ages. If I could sing half as good as my brother, I'd be interested in joining. Thankfully, we have one good singer in the family.

I was expecting something entirely different, but experienced an amazing concert that had me highly entertained for well over an hour. A smile was on my face the entire time. I look forward to seeing another show in the near future.

Party TIme With Friends

We had a ton of people over tonight. Eight were children! Skyler had a blast leading the way for everyone to instill chaos upon the adults! Lots of food and fun was had by everyone. I showed some of the children my new computer and the funny photos they could take on it. They loved it.

The adults were reminded why they are all going on a weekend excursion to Rocky Point, Mexico next month (without kids). It will be fun!

Eliana's Birthday Party

Skyler was invited to his friend, Eliana's, birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. We had fun playing the games, eating pizza, and finally cake! Having a birthday party at a public location is a lot different from at a home. The clean up part is super easy and the timing of events are on a schedule to fit the reservation time. Skyler got enough prize tickets to get a cool gecko and bouncy ball.

Daddy Day

Ok, so earlier in the week, I went in to work early for a meeting, but prior to it, I reserved a substitute online so that I could go to Skyler's Daddy Day at his preschool. However, I didn't pay attention to the date and it defaulted to the current day (no, I am not a morning person). After the meeting, I went to my classroom to see a substitute teacher looking for lesson plans for the day! I soon figured out what happened and decided to go with it. I stayed for a few minutes and went home to babysit our pool being drained.

A couple days later, I had a couple of great co-workers cover my classes so that I could go to Daddy Day. I had so much fun seeing Skyler in his school environment, with his friends. I am so proud of him and what he can do. Every day I learn something new about him. We had fun "shaving" each other, playing t-ball, making fruit shish-ka-bobs, painting our hands, and musical chairs.

Check out the rest of the photos.

Easter 2010

Easter weekend was a terrific day of spending time with family and friends and taking in a Good Word about Jesus Christ. I took Skyler to the local Walgreen's for our annual Easter Bunny photo.

We went to my parents' church and the service was awesome. It is finished! Those were the last words Christ spoke on the cross and the paster asked us the congregation what is finished in our lives. I applied it to the stress of my grad school project and any problems I may have at work. It IS finished! We enjoyed the rest of the day at Margo and Jon's for pot roast and all the fixin's. The kids and young adults enjoyed the Easter egg hunts and bunny decorating.

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