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Storm Gets Attention

This afternoon, I took her in to get her first Petsmart groom. There were about half a dozen employees, plus some customers, who were all giddy over her. She received a ton of affection. For the most part, she is a very well-behaved and fun puppy.

Sleeping On His Own

Skyler's been sleeping in his crib for the past few days - only waking up early in the morning and realizing he wants to be with mom and dad. He's doing so good at school now and received his first positive report last Friday. Renea and I were so happy . . . I am still smiling.

We Survived!

Yesterday was the first day back for the new school year. Attendance issues on our new system were the only major problem. Today, though, I had to leave early and take care of Skyler because his daycare program said he was sick. After his long nap, we played wth the puppy. Later on, Renea and I joined Skyler for some fun.

School Starts Monday

We start back on Monday. I have been working all last week and this weekend to get prepared. My classes should be fun this year...all six of them (Math, Reading, Drama, Public Speaking, Music, and Computers)! I took this photo just this afternoon with Renea. Both of our babies, sleeping peacefully.

Skyler's First Day of School

Skyler started his daycare program this morning and survived! This photo was taken right before we went inside. Renea and I officially began today, too, but students don't arrive until next Monday. I have a lot of work to do!

A Storm Came In

Yesterday afternoon, our long-awaited French Bulldog, Storm, arrived from Missouri. She took to us right away and is very fun. Her given name was Sunshine, but Renea wanted to change it to an X-Men character's name. Hmmm...from Sunshine to Storm...