Herolds' Hangout

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It Had to Be a Monday

Today was very busy! Renea left work and took Skyler to his pediatrician because he was sick all weekend. We wanted some medicine just in case he gets worse during our trip in a couple days. After Renea dropped him back off at the sitter's, she went to get the prescription filled. Then the van wouldn't start. It needed a new battery. God was watching us and didn't want Skyler to be with Renea during the inconvenience, especially in this heat. She took the carseat out of the van, just in case it needed to be put in the Mustang. I put it back in the van later - no problem. Right now, Renea is taking Josh and Skyler to Urgent Care for Josh's shoulder for a potential soccer injury.


Earlier tonight I was thinking: I am truly blessed.

No rush hour to work. Fun job. Lunch with wife. Son in great care.

Yup, I'm blessed.

Lifesaver: Baby Einstein

Skyler has been drooling a lot lately and seems more cranky than ever before. He may be getting a new tooth or two. He wouldn't go down for a nap today, so finally we decided to put on a Baby Einstein DVD of Mozart, Renea left to do some shopping, and he fell asleep after a few minutes. He's still asleep as I type this.

Big Hole

They started digging the other day and Skyler wanted to play in the hole, so we went in and spent time getting really dirty. He loved it, but hated getting out.

Preparing for the Big Dig

Sometime next week, our backyard will begin to look like it was bombarded with land mines. Hopefully everything will run smoothly and our dogs will be able to cope. We also start back to work/school with students on Monday, so we will be very busy and excited.

Ashley's New BF

Well, here's the photo that many people have been waiting for. Nick is also a Marine in language school. Ashley's boyfriend is planning on joining her when she meets up with us in California in October.

Home Alone, But Not

I am staying home alone today while workers from different companies are fixing minor things around the house for our one-year warranty. Right now there is a guy fixing a non-functioning ceiling light and another just called and said he was on his way to come fix our side gate and some cabinets. Tomorrow is the beginning of the 2007-2008 school year for Renea and I because it's back-to-school orientation day. Here we go!

First Haircut!

Skyler decided his crazy hair was getting a little annoying, so he urged mommy and daddy to take him to get his first haircut. We stopped to buy some dum dums. He had one in each hand and actually seemed to enjoy the process until it was time for the electric shaver. He almost jumped into my arms and started to fuss, so we thought it was a good stopping point. We cleaned up his sticky hands and face and watched his mommy finish getting her haircut. Then we went out to eat at Garcia's and brought home a to-go order for Josh.

Busy, Busy

Renea and I have been super busy with many different projects, including preparing for the upcoming school year. Josh got his schedule this afternoon and Skyler started with a new babysitter a couple days ago. I am looking forward to the weekend, despite how busy it will be!