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Wow! McCain and Palin!

I don’t talk about political stuff on my blog, but I just had to mention how excited I am that John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Like most people, when I first heard her name, I immediately thought: “who?!?!?”

Obviously, everyone is finding out about her now and I am so interested in learning more. This fresh “younger” voice seems to be a great example of a Republican conservative and isn’t jaded by many years of Washington, like the others (including McCain). With her background and family status, I think most Americans will be able to relate to her.

For good measure, I thought I’d include a picture of the shirt I bought Skyler a few weeks ago.

Online Video Chat

Tonight, Skyler got to have a couple video chats with his mommy and his big sister. Renea is in Monterey, California to spend a couple of days with Ashley and see her graduate from language school for the Marines. We had some technical difficulties with my webcam, so maybe I can be persuading enough to get a new computer soon. Wishful thinking?

Playing in the Rain Again

Tonight, Skyler and I spent a while on the front porch. He played in the rain while I took photos and video. Then, Renea came by and asked why I had sent our son out in the lightning with a long, metal object.

I’m still thinking of a comeback for that one.

Grandpa Jon and Skyler

This afternoon was a momentous occasion as Grandpa Jon and Skyler had some close bonding time. It was a unique experience and there was no doubt as Renea and I made eye contact, that I had to document it!

My parents and Renea’s mom also were there to eat some yummy chili (the best).

Timberlake Jay Hinrichs

Timberlake Jay Hinrichs was born today around 1:00PM, weighing in at 8 lbs., 13.5 oz., and 20 1/2 in. long. His real name will be disclosed soon. Here are the photos.

Skyler Starts Preschool

It’s been a while since my last update, but I have an excuse! We’ve been pretty busy and we started the new school year this week. Last week was full of teacher meetings and getting ready.

On Monday, I took Skyler to his sitter’s house and waited for the bus to arrive to pick him up for his very first day of preschool! Of course I took pictures and you can see them all here.

Skyler’s Diego Rescue Pack got switched on the way home and we’ve struggled through some coloring/cutting/pasting homework, but it’s been great so far.