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A Date, A Dare, and a Monster

Last night, Renea and I went out on a date while my parents watched Skyler. We got some Hawaiian BBQ, went to Barnes and Noble, and saw G.I. Joe. At the bookstore, we bought two copies of The Love Dare and, for Skyler, The Monster at the End of This Book (one of my favorite childhood books). I enjoyed expressively reading the monster book aloud to Renea in the store! The previous night, Renea and I watched Fireproof, which prompted us to buy the book used in the movie. I started the dare right away. Renea's turn will come soon.

This morning, Skyler decided to wake me up with his new monster book. Since she's a morning person (unlike me), the photographer grabbed the camera at the right moment. I'll get her back!

First Day of School Again

Skyler finished his first week of his second year of preschool. I guess last year was pre-preschool. His teacher is the same, though it's at a different school. His morning bus ride is pretty long (about 45 minutes), but he is the first drop off after school.

Monday, we all got up early, put his new clothes on and got his new Spiderman backpack ready. He went through so many emotions that morning and the photos show them all.

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Plants Need a Shower

This afternoon, Skyler and I got just as soaked as the plants we watered in the front yard. He enjoyed spraying the hose at me, but I got away most of the time. Some of the plants look like they are about to blow away like tumbleweeds.

Later on, I took him to meet up with family for dinner in Cave Creek. He and I were both not in the best of moods. We survived!

Water Balloon Fight!

Skyler gave me some water balloons that his great uncle Mike brought over this weekend and asked me to help him fill them. We went outside and got a little wet, but had fun throwing them at Storm and Gambit. Is that considered animal cruelty?

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A Crash, Credit Card Fraud, and a Missing Wallet

In the past two weeks, I backed into a friend's car, had my bank account credit/debit card numbers used to purchase a shoe store gift certificate, and the other day, lost my wallet. Thankfully, I didn't have much cash or any bank cards in it. Our bank account got all the money fixed from the dozen attempted transactions. I got a new driver's license and it only took a few minutes.

I am looking forward to the upswing.