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Building the Tool Set

Yesterday, my parents came over for lunch. Dad and I tried to put together the last of Skyler's Christmas presents while he took a nap, but he decided to wake up towards the end so he could help us.

Pet Store Trip

Last night, we took Skyler and Storm to PetCo to purchase some supplies for Skyler and Storm's new baby brother...Gambit. He arrives at the airport on Tuesday afternoon. Pictures coming soon!


Christmas Eve, we went to my parent's church and then to Margo's for our annual Mexican Dinner. We took a group photo of everyone, holding up letters that read "Ashley! USMC". I was feeling tired and sick pretty much the whole day and I'm still recovering.

No More Bottles!

Renea informed me earlier today that she tossed out all of Skyler's baby bottles. He has been requesting "juice" and "milk" by saying the word while pointing towards the fridge and cupboard! Skyler has been really fussy lately, but that's probably because he's getting over being sick from last week. Tonight, I taught him to say "moon" as we grilled burgers outside after dark. He liked being in my arms as we pointed to the flames and whispered "hot" to each other.

First Letter Home

"The DIs seem like they are about to go to combat immediately."

We received a letter from Ashley today. Even though the letter was short, it seems like she is hangin' tough. She misses us, fast food, and is happy to hear that Skyler can pronounce her name. I'm glad she misses us.

The (Training) Matrix

Ashley is in her third week of USMC training. Here is a link to her training matrix. Letters and postcards may be sent to:

Recruit Kuncis AE
PLT 4004 P Co. 4th BN
PO Box 14004
Parris Island, SC  29905

Soccer Consolation

Josh's school team played this afternoon for 3rd place, but lost and placed 4th. He played really well and his mom and little brother enjoyed watching his team (as well as I). I bought a new camera (Canon S3) last night and had the perfect opportunity to use it!

Dadda, Momma, Josha, Ashie, Puppa, Up, Baba...

I took the day off to take Skyler to a speech evaluation. He hardly said anything (of course!), but from the information I gave the therapist, she said he seems to be developing within the normal range. He is doing fine and we are not concerned, so the pediatrician shouldn't be either.