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Skyler is a member of the Lego Club and receives a new, small Lego set every two months. For Christmas, I got him a Darth Vader Tie Fighter ship. We both love it and like all of our Legos. It is a lot of fun to create new things, but I am always careful to make sure the instructions and pieces are organized, so we can follow directions to make each set.

Joey the Bug and the Spider

Joey the Bug and the Spider
by Skyler and Daddy
December 29, 2009

I see lots of clouds in the sky. They are big and look heavy. Maybe it will rain! I love the rain and the rainbows. They have lots of colors.

I’m a big boy and I like to climb things, like chairs, couches, tables, and my dad’s back.

Right now, I think I will climb the wall. It’s not a big wall. It’s just a small one, but I like it. It lets me see higher and farther away.

I can see the desert and the mountains. There is a big cactus. Those hurt if you touch them.

There is Joey the bug! He’s crawling on the wall. Should I pick him up? Yes, I will pick him up. I need to be careful, so I don’t squish him.

Now, there is a spider on the wall, too! It’s not a big spider. It’s just a small one, but I like it.

I will try to pick Joey the bug up now. He doesn’t like spiders. He likes me.

Joey is moving too fast! He is hiding in the crack on the wall. I can’t reach him. Maybe he is scared of the spider.

I will save Joey! I am blowing on the spider. Shoo spider! Stay away from Joey the bug! The spider is slowly moving away.

Tomorrow, Joey the bug has a big day. He is going to see his friends from far away. I hope he stays safe.

Goodnight, Joey the bug. Sweet dreams. See you next time.

The End

Exercising With Daddy

I asked Skyler if he wanted to exercise with me. He confidently agreed and I set up his Smart Cycle, then I hopped on the treadmill. After a few minutes of sweating, I offered him a little sweat towel. He smiled and wiped his face and laid it on his shoulder, just like daddy.

It was a good workout and I had fun seeing Skyler exercise with me.

Christmas 2009

I caught Skyler spying on his stocking on Christmas Eve! He said "you can't put presents in a sock!". I laughed and took photos and a video of him, while he was being booked for spying.

Later on, we went to my parents' church for an afternoon service. Renea's mom, her sister, and kids went. Afterwards, we headed to Margo and Jon's for our annual Mexican food dinner. Skyler enjoyed playing with his sister, Ashley and her boyfriend, Robert. His brother, Josh, and nephew, Nathan, were also there to help him terrorize the house. Renea's sister, Deanne brought her boyfriend, Rayhan. I was glad to see everyone there.

Christmas Day was full of opening even more presents. Skyler received so many toys this year! I am glad Renea went through his two toy boxes earlier this year. We spent the day at my parents' house. Skyler got to hang out with his cousin Lukas and great-grandma Elsie.

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Christmas Caroling

Skyler and I just got back from some Christmas caroling. Renea, Skyler, and I were in the hot tub for a while when we heard trumpets and other instruments playing across the street. We got out and put some clothes on, then Skyler and I found the neighborhood procession around the corner. He and I had fun seeing Christmas lights and hearing the music.

Joey the Bug Gets a New Home

Joey the Bug Gets a New Home
by Skyler and Daddy
December 22, 2009

It’s fun to help my dad in the yard. I like to water the plants and kick the rocks off from the sidewalk. Be careful to not go near the street!

I found Joey! He’s crawling on the driveway. Maybe he will climb up my stick. No, he is hiding in the cracks. Why does he hide there?

He’s so cute. He crawls up my fingers. Ouch! He pinched me again. I better be careful. I want to hold Joey, but sometimes he gets mad and pinches me. Is he mean or nice? Maybe he is just being like a bug.

Joey the bug needs a nice home. My daddy is getting a box to put him in.

Oh, no! Where did he go? I lost him! Maybe he is under the dirt. Maybe he went to bug school. I better find him soon so I can put him in his new home.

I found him! He was hiding again. Joey the bug is so tiny and gets lost so easily.

Let’s help daddy make a home for Joey. He can’t just live in an empty box. What does Joey need in his home?

Does he like leaves?
Does he like dirt?
Does he like flowers?
Does he like little, tiny rocks?

Tomorrow, Joey the bug has a big day. He is going to see Santa bug and ask for lots of presents. He’s also going to see his family. That sounds like a great idea.

Goodnight, Joey the bug. Sweet dreams. See you next time.

The End

Sneaking at Presents

Renea and I just caught Skyler sneaking out a present his great-grandma Barb got him after Renea shopped for the perfect gift. I made him point at his great-grandma before we opened it. He might look a little cranky because it's past his bedtime. Renea's been wrapping Christmas presents all night.

Skyler loves his Batman helicopter!

Flying Angels and Circus Animals

Tonight was Skyler's first time at Phoenix First Assembly's annual Christmas pageant (see preview). He was amazed at the flying angels and all the circus animals, including an elephant, tiger, kangaroo, zebra, and camels. It was an amazing show and it was nice to be there with Jon, Margo, my brother, my parents, Renea, and Skyler.

There is some kind of monster hiding behind Skyler!

Polar Express 2009

We had a great weekend in Williams, Arizona. Renea, Skyler, and I were the first to arrive at our rented cabin. However, we had trouble making it up the icy hill. Fortunately, a neighbor, Mark, was walking along the road and offered to help us. After a few more attempts to make it up, he drove us to his home and let us park there. Then, he helped us pack our things in his truck and he took us to our cabin. Mark was very nice and is one of a handful of residents who live there year-long.

Friday night, after settling in to the cabin, we stopped into town for pizza, then boarded the Polar Express. Like the previous two trips, it was a fun time with hot chocolate, cookies, singing, and visiting with Santa.

On the return from the train ride, Steve's car got stuck. Renea and Skyler were with him and his family. I was in the other vehicle. Chet and I joined Steve in trying to rescue the car. The nicest part, though, was seeing all the stars in the dark sky.

Saturday morning, Skyler and I got up before everyone else and went sledding. I had to keep reminding him to not eat the snow. A little while later, we were joined on the hill.

After eating breakfast, I called AAA and had a driver come up towards the cabin to pull Steve's car out of the ditch. A plastic cover from under the car was severely damaged and dragged on the road, so Steve and I headed into town to get tools to remove it.

In the afternoon, the kids opened up presents from under the cabin's Christmas tree. Skyler got a book and a Transformer. The adults had an idea to get the kids to take a nap after playing outside, so we all went sledding, made a snowgirl, and had a big snowball fight. Some of us sustained minor injuries.

Back inside, many people took a nap, including me. After dinner, the kids played inside some more and then slowly fell asleep. The adults played games for hours, proving once again that the guys' team usually wins.

Sunday morning, everyone packed up, cleaned up, and headed out. On the way home, the snow slowly faded away until it was no where to be seen. A little while later, the saguaro started to appear.

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Busy at the Post Office

I ran some errands today, including a trip to the post office. It was so busy! I decided to get in line for the automated kiosk and was there for 15 or 20 minutes. The regular line was all the way to the main doors, so that was out of the question. Tonight, I saw on the news that today is considered the busiest day for shipping at the post office (nicknamed Black Monday), so I am thinking I should've gone out tomorrow. Over 800,000,000 pieces of mail were sent today!

Earlier tonight, Skyler made up a very long, but exciting story about worms, spiders, owls, the jungle, and the woods.

My parents are celebrating their 35th anniversary today. I talked to them today and over the weekend. I am very happy and proud of them.

Joey the Bug Pinches

Joey the Bug Pinches
by Skyler and Daddy
December 11, 2009

I see Joey the bug in the hallway! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him. How are you Joey? Did you miss me?

Joey the bug is nice. I hope this isn’t the mean bug. I will pick it up.

It likes to crawl on my finger and even up my arm. It tickles!

Ouch! Joey the bug pinched me! He has little fingers that hurt me. He pinched me on my finger and on my arm. I don’t like that.
I am going to hurt Joey the bug, too. He hurt me. So, I am going to hurt him. I will push him done to the ground.

Joey isn’t moving. He hurt me and I pushed him.

Why did he want to hurt me? I just wanted to play with him. He wasn’t very nice.

Okay, now I want Joey to get up. He is so small and so slow. He won’t get up.

Joey, please get up! I want to play with you again. You like to crawl on my arm and I like to make houses for you. You are my friend.

Maybe I will go play outside now. Joey needs to rest. I’m sorry for pushing you down, Joey. Will you still be my friend?

Tomorrow, Joey the bug has a big day. He is going to school and then he will play with me again. I won’t push him down anymore. He is my friend.

Goodnight, Joey the bug. Sweet dreams. See you next time.

The End

Skyler and Santa 2009

We took Skyler to a scheduled photo shoot with Santa for the second year in a row. They had fun taking lots of photos and Skyler loved asking him questions and telling him what he wants for Christmas.

Instead of the traditional waiting in line to sit on Santa's lap for a minute, we like making an appointment at a family photo store at the mall. The Picture Place is a fun and unique way of getting portraits taken.

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Auntie Darci Visits

Auntie Darci visted Skyler, Renea, and I to watch the Biggest Loser finale. It's pretty amazing how much the contestants have lost and how different they look.

Skyler liked egging Auntie Darci to fight him. Renea made us her famous turkey chili and I enjoyed having it for dinner the next night, too.

He Stole My iPod!

Skyler took my iPod and asked me to play some songs for him. Then, he grabbed his guitar and started to jam. Look for his winter tour, coming to a stadium near you.

Skyler and His Friend, Josh

Skyler had a friend from daycare stop by for a couple hours to play today. They played with dinosaurs, trains, and cars. Sometimes they played alone, but most of the time they played together.

My dad got out of the hospital earlier this week. He's doing very well. My Uncle William is still in the hospital and I hope is doing ok, too.