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The Polar Express 2010

We enjoyed another trip to the North pole, with our friends. The boys all had a fun time singing and dancing on the train and looked cute in their pajamas. The weather was cold and it snowed a little. I look forward to a sledding trip soon!

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Voyage Trekkers!

I got a chance to help out my old college buddy, Nathan Blackwell, on a film shoot this weekend. He directed a series of short web videos called Voyage Trekkers, which has some of the most hilarious lines ever! I laughed all weekend as I took photos and videos of the actors rehearsing and ad-libbing. Another friend from the old days, Eric, was hang out with (we were probably the only ones who listen to talk radio). There were lots of friendly people and I met some new friends.

It was a lot of fun to get back into what I used to do over 12 years ago. I hope to join the crew on another adventure soon.

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Santa Photos 2010

We went to Mark and Jenny's to celebrate Alex's birthday and to take family photos with Santa (Jenny's dad). Santa brought Mrs. Claus, too!

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Hillcrest Wrestling

I took Skyler to our school's wrestling quad (four schools). He had fun while I took lots of photos of our athletes and cheerleaders. It was a fun time during the last couple days of school. Skyler was always confirming about our guys being on top and winning. They did a great job and I'm glad he got to see some real wrestling.

How to Build Legos

I bought Skyler a couple of Lego Toy Story Army Men sets. We had fun putting them together in the backyard. I really like this photo because it shows one of the most important tools in the Lego world - teeth! I remember using my teeth on occasion to pull apart stuck pieces.

This won't be a common task, as I don't want to pay for dental surgery because of it.

Am I a Geek?

Ok, these photos not only prove that I am a geek sometimes, but that I am totally comfortable with the label. Notice how my home office is not so typical. I can thank my loving wife for the color choices/approval.

My binary code answer: 01111001 01100101 01110011 (yes)

Gingerbread House

Building a gingerbread house is not as easy as you'd think. We had to hire some sub-contractors (mom, grandma, etc.) to get it done. It was more difficult because Skyler was eating a lot of the materials during the construction process. I also forgot to submit our building permits, so I hope the city doesn't require us to tear it down. It was a fun build. Grandma Elsie was the supervisor and approved every step with her smile.

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Playground, Hiking, and a Battle

Skyler and I came home from his tumbling class and went straight to a nearby playground. After taking turns being the zombie and getting chased, we headed towards a tall hiking hill, where he dragged to the very top. I was okay with just going a little ways up, but he insisted on making it up there! Since he still had tons of energy left, we went home and Skyler battled his brother, Josh, for supremacy of the backyard. The dogs were mere pawns and didn't help either side very much.

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Dinosaur Monster!

What happens when you have an idea to repurpose a foam dinosaur skeleton and then ask dad for lots of tape? You get Dinosaur Monster!

Robot Rock, Mailbox Rigged, and Some Keyboard Conversations

I had my afterschool Lego robotics class and got to jam on an electric guitar that one of my students made. After that, I drove to my parents' house and noticed their mailbox was rigged up to a palm tree because the post wore out recently. My parents and I, their neighbor, and friend, all went to downtown Scottsdale to see Jeffrey Siegel, who performs piano works along with background information and stories related to the composer. It was my third time going and I look forward to the next one.


Skyler drew and colored some pretty detailed images of very large boats this weekend. He likes to tell stories of every drawing and when you think he's finished, he just adds more!

Setting Up the Tree

Skyler is all ready to set up the Christmas tree! He has his work light on and his tough shorts. He is going to work now!