Herolds' Hangout

Thoughts, Reminders, and Reasons to Brag...



Over 400 students on busses and thousands more at this year's Renassaince Festival. It was very hot and dusty. The clouds teased us all morning.


Skyler's grandparents and one of his great-grandmas came over for a Sunday afternoon visit. He entertained us all with a game of peek-a-boo with GG. It was a wonderful day.

Morning Routine

Skyler is very active and curious in the mornings as we get ready for work. He is usually the first to wake up and always has a smile when he see us. This morning, he was in charge of laundry security.

Waiting All Weekend

We had a few people come through the house and had plenty to do to kill time.
Skyler has taken a liking to sugar-free popsicles.

Music and eBay

Those are the two most popular topics my grandfather and I would discuss all the time. He died a little after four this afternoon. I regret not visiting him in the past few weeks. We just got back from their house. The tv was on the "easy listening" channel and the last two songs playing while he was being taken away were "Don't Let me Be Lonely Tonight" by Percy Faith and "Wonderful, Wonderful" by Lawrence Welk. This is my favorite photograph of him.


I just started going through some difficulty at work and I pray that it ends soon. Lying and blaming others never turns out right. Hopefully, others will realize their wrongdoings and change for the better. Confusion is what I am feeling. For others, it must be guilt.

...there's just one catch.

Only a few days left until I reach thirty. There's a lot to be thankful for...and a lot to be proud of. The pleasure totally outweighs the pain. I just hope the Sandmen don't find me.

Ashley's 18

Last night we had Margo and Jon over, along with some of Ashley's friends to celebrate a few days late. Later, Skyler gave us all a hat fashion show. Mushroom chicken and rice, with cheesecakes for dessert were on the menu. I waited until this morning to eat some cheesecake. Today is Super Bowl Sunday, but I'm not even certain who is playing, since the Broncos lost their chance a couple weeks ago.

Ditching School

Today, I ditched school to spend the day with Skyler. It was a staff development day (no students), so no big deal. We were both lazy and spent time taking naps, playing with toys, and reading books together. I found out Skyler is getting a little too tall for his crib, so we had to adjust it. He is also getting another tooth - this time on the top.