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Safe and Sound...Asleep

Ashley arrived in town before Renea did, but went straight to a late dinner with her friends. She slept on the couch and shared it with a visitor early this morning while Renea went back to the airport to deal her her missing luggage. More photos will be posted soon.

Almost Time

I am taking Skyler to pick up his mom in a couple minutes. It's been a learning experience without her. We read books to go to sleep and listened to music to take a nap. Yesterday and today I had to pick him up early due to "being sick", so we got to spend some extra time together. My parents helped out this afternoon by driving straight to our house from Casa Grande (where they were when I called them). Skyler has been through a lot of changes this week, but he also has shown me that sometimes I need to stop and appreciate things more often. I feel confident in saying that I am a good daddy.

Off to the Airport

I am about to take Renea to the airport. Earlier tonight Skyler and Josh helped us tear up the remainder of the family room carpet. The tile order will arrive tomorrow afternoon.

I Can Do It

Tomorrow night, I drop Renea off at the airport so she can attend Ashley's graduation from boot camp. So, for the next few days, I will have to take care of Skyler by myself. Rest assured, Skyler will be taking care of me as well.

We Went to Church

It's been a while since Renea and I took Skyler to church. We went this morning and it was a great experience. One of my students wrote my name (Mr. Herold) on a name tag sticker and gave it to me to wear. Skyler enjoyed dancing, singing, and clapping until it was time for the sermon. So, Renea took him out to the lobby.

I really was glad that we went and the sermon was very memorable. The guest speaker talked about the upcoming historical movie, Amazing Grace, and how it's main character, William Wilberforce, helped bring about the abolition of slavery in England. The one thing that I felt was most important for me was the idea of persistence. Wilberforce spent 17 years trying to get Parliament to pass the law to abolish slavery. Persistence pays off.

Back to School

I think I finally found the master's program that I want to pursue. Renea also thinks it would be good for me. It's called "Graphic Information Technology" and has an option to take everything online! I will be applying for it in the next few weeks and could start as early as this summer. Check it out.