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Green Crayons Taste The Best

This afternoon, I caught Skyler in our room, under a clothes basket, eating a green crayon. Notice his face and the floor. They are both marked with a green color. I didn't try the crayon, but I assume that it's not that tasty.

I'm currently watching the 80th Academy Awards and I have been wiping tears during certain parts, especially the In Memorium montage.

Vantage Point

I'm finally back to normal. Being sick isn't very fun - just a little. We've all been busy lately, but after a second awesome swim lesson for Skyler, we dropped him off at my parents house to see a movie. They took him to the park, went shopping at Dollar Tree (for toys, of course), and then shared a Blizzard at Dairy Queen.

Vantage Point was simply an exciting movie and I got a kick out of Renea and half of the audience complaining in between each scene (or vantage point).

Happy Puke-Day!

I turned 32 today.

After work, Skyler and Renea took me out to the movies to see The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie. I was still sick and tired, but managed to have a good time. Then, we went next door to Souper Salad. After my first plate, Skyler decided to get his head stuck in between two metal bars, while Renea was getting some more food. I rescued him and picked him up to calm him down in the corner, near the salad bar and window. After a few seconds, he puked all over my shirt. Luckily, I was wearing an undershirt. We immediately packed up and left. At least I got to eat my free meal!

I Voted Today!

I voted for Mike Huckabee and I don't feel that I "threw my vote away". Enough said.

Skyler was really cranky after I came home and placed my "I Voted Today" sticker on his shirt.