Herolds' Hangout

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A Good Conversation

Yesterday, I had a great time talking with my dad. No special occasion, no immediate emergency - just a nice conversation. He brought up a bunch of really positive things going on...and one negative. Do the math. My introduction to statistics course is almost finished and I am about mathed-out, but this was a simple task.

Skyler went to a classmate's birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. Thankfully, I drove separately, so I used my excuse of claustrophobia to get out of there fairly quickly.

A few days ago we got Grandpa Whitehair's chess game from Grandma Donna. Skyler loves the pieces and one day I will show him how to play (badly).

This first photo was taken during our trip to Florida a few years ago.
Grandpa is watching Josh and Patrick play a serious game.

I just took this photo of Skyler and the new home for Grandpa's chess game.


Yesterday, I turned 33. Not a landmark age, but it's a little farther from my twenties. Renea brought pizza and dessert for me and my lunch gang, which was a nice surprise. I ended the day watching Family Guy Spaceship (aka Blue Harvest) with Skyler. It's our favorite movie. Notice the spaceship he made all by himself!

Valentine's Day was great because after Skyler's swim lessons, he and I ran some errands, including getting his mom flowers, a special mini-cake, and three balloons. I only got to pick out a card for Renea. Ashley showed up unannounced and stayed for the day. She said she'll be returning next weekend.

Celebrating Birthdays

Yesterday, we celebrated my mom and my birthdays at the Wildlife World Zoo. It's been a couple of years since our last visit.

Skyler loved the new aquarium and water ride. He enjoyed spending time in the petting zoo, but didn't like it when a turkey bit him.

Tonight, we spent some time at Mark and Jenny's. Skyler played with the twins and I jammed on bass in a newly-formed band, The Midlife Crisis-eese. It's been a few years since I played and it was pretty fun.

Check out the photos.

Ashley's Birthday and Superbowl

Last weekend, Ashley visited (and got some of her mail). Her birthday was on the 26th, so we celebrated with family while she was here. 21! I can't believe how old she is now. Here is a photo from when I remember her during middle school.

Here is the closest I could get with a couple of military buddies during her recent stay.

On Sunday, Renea and I took Skyler to a Superbowl party and had a fun time with friends. Of course, Skyler and I had to wear our "Big Guy, Little Guy" matching shirts.