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Friday Night Birthday Party

It was nice to go out to Uncle Sam's (what, no website?!?) for pizza and in celebration of our friend, Jenny's, birthday. It was a busy and looong week! We will be spending time with her, the twins, and her husband, Mark, next weekend. I can't wait to go to Legoland in California (again). Just a few more days and then it's Spring Break!

Chopin and a Fever

Last night, I went to my parents for some good Chinese take-out and then my dad and I got some culture at the newly renovated Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts and saw Jeffrey Siegel play some piano works by Chopin and Schumann. This year marks Chopin's 200th birthday. It was an amazing concert and I really enjoy Jeffrey Siegel, because he explains parts of the pieces and gives a backstory before he plays the entire piece form start to finish. It helps the audience to better appreciate the music. There is also a special video camera and screen above the piano keyboard, so everyone can see the performer's hands on the keyboard. Very neat!

This morning, I am staying with Skyler at home, because he has a high fever and a possible ear infection. This would be the first time he has been sick this school year, so we can't complain! He and I prayed that he will get better, so we can run around and play outside.

Enjoying the Weather

For the past few days, we've been having some great weather. Some of it has been rain. Some of it has been sunshine. All of it has been an opportunity to play outside and enjoy ourselves.

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Skyler and His Girlfriends

Well, two of them anyway! Skyler had a couple of friends over for pizza and playing. McCartney, Skyler, and Amelia made a huge mess, but it was fun watching them run all over the house.

Sledding in Flagstaff

Yesterday, Skyler and I joined my dad in a short day trip up north to Flagstaff. We went sledding at a neighborhood park and then had lunch at a small dive. My dad had to deliver some paperwork and talk to some people for a few minutes, so it was a great opportunity to spend time with my dad and Skyler's grandpa. Don't tell Renea, but we put Skyler's bare feet in the snow because he kept saying he was going to do it himself.

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I turned 34 on Saturday and Renea went with me to a movie, Edge of Darkness. Afterwards, we were supposed to go to Souper Salad for my free lunch, but they had closed (and the existing Greek restaurant had closed a couple months ago). We ended up at Samurai Sam's for some good teriyaki bowls.

I sent Renea a couple dozen roses at work last week, so all of her co-workers would notice! I am such a great husband! She is such a great wife!

Athlete of the Year

I woke up this morning and helped some more with our school's first rummage sale. Yesterday, after school got out, there were people showing up as we moved items to the parking lot. I think it was a success and hope it generated enough money to purchase new technology for our school.

Next, I came home and picked up Skyler to go to our first race. Kendra's Race is an annual fun run/walk to raise money for cancer research. Skyler sprinted a lot and impressed everyone there. However, his sprints eventually had to end and he repeatedly asked to go up on my shoulders, while I jogged. It was a good workout! We clocked in at 12:28 for the mile.

A couple hours later, I took him to a swim lesson that was rescheduled from the morning. At the end of the class, Skyler received a ribbon and graduated from Jellyfish to Octopus. The details of his achievements are in the photos.

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Great Day

Unbelievably pleasant dentist appointment...
Field trip with kind, caring, fun, respectful, intelligent students...
Perfect substitute with a nice report about my classes...
Hanging out with a fun group of kids after school in technology club...
Playing in the backyard with my son and dogs...
Excercising while watching the news...
Hugging my lovely wife (after cleaning up)...
Witnessing my son's awesomely amazing house of dominoes...
Watching The Office on the couch...
Having a happy song in my head throughout everything...

Today was a great day.

Monster Trucks

Tonight, Renea got back from her Vegas trip with some female co-workers. She said they had a really fun time this weekend and are planning on another trip next year! For more details, you have to ask her about it.

Meanwhile, Skyler and I went to my parents' after his swim lessons and he cooked us hot dogs over a backyard fire. Then, we all went to our first monster truck show. It was a super time! Towards the end, Skyler was getting crazy and I told my mom and dad that he was about to crash. Ten minutes later, he was asleep, even though the noise was so loud.

Skyler loved the Batman truck the best. When we got home, he fell asleep with his unboxed Batman monster truck that his grandma and grandpa bought him.

We stayed overnight and then went to my parents' church on Sunday. After parking, my dad and I ran into the Kurt Warner family as they were getting in their truck from leaving the earlier church service. It was pretty cool to see such a high-profile guy, just being normal and attending church like a regular "Joe". I should've asked for a photo, since I had my camera in my jacket!

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