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Jan 2006

Close Game and a 3rd Tooth

Last night, Josh's varsity soccer team lost their chance to go on to the state finals. It was too windy for Skyler, so Renea left us at home to play. Tonight, we can see his third tooth popping up next to his other two.

2nd Place and Back to Church

Saturday, the wrestlers placed second in conference this past weekend. Only one ambulance emergency (not one of ours) the entire day (sarcasm?). We finally went back to church after a short hiatus (not intentional). Skyler was a very good boy. Later, he showed off his quick standing up routine with the couch.

Back to Work

We go back to work tomorrow, but this week is easy. Today was MLK day and Thursday and Friday we have half-days, due to parent-teacher conferences. We had one family and another come by to see the house today. I am about to go out for another walk/jog.

Swimming, Kissing, and Cake

Skyler had his first swim lesson today and he did great until I let some water get into his mouth. He even went underwater a few times and his teacher said he was awesome. Later this afternoon, Skyler crawled across his bedroom floor and planted a couple kisses on my face. Gotta love the slobber! Ashley's fiance, Ryan, had a birthday party and we just got back. He turned 19 and is about to start working for APS.

I Am Crazy

Last night I handed my car key to Ashley and she drove Ryan around. She came back an hour later and the only thing I noticed was the gas level was lower. We also visited Grandma's house and Skyler got to hang out with his cousin again.

No More Brace-Face

Josh got his braces off yesterday, but I haven't seen him yet. I had an exhausting day and I got beat up in wrestling practice, so I fell asleep with Skyler before Renea got home from picking Josh up from his friend's house.

She's Licensed to Drive

Ashley went with her mom to get her driver's license this morning. She wanted to borrow my Mustang tonight, but I think some night driving practice would be good.

I spent a lot of quality time with Skyler, while others were waiting at the MVD. He and I had fun playing under the blanket and enjoying the weather outside. I am constantly being impressed by his abilities and how fast he is learning. Tomorrow, I think I'll take him to the MVD.