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Need a Ticket to Phoenix?

Rant: We got a letter today from Ashley, claiming her drill sergeant forced her to purchase a ticket back to Phoenix, even though she informed him she already had one. Renea bought her a non-refundable ticket weeks ago. I just made a quick call to a local recruiter who told me that this story is unheard of - so, obviously, I am not very happy. Hopefully, this will get resolved, not only because of the hundreds of dollars lost, but for Ashley's sake.

She wanted to fly back home with her loved ones.

Soakin' in the Sun

100th Post! I snapped these three consecutive photos yesterday afternoon. It seemed EVERYONE needed to spend some time just being un-busy. Notice how Gambit is sound asleep, while Storm is bugged by my photography. Today, a friend from work came over for lunch with her husband and daughter. Then, my aunt and uncle from Colorado, my parents, my grandma, and brother had dinner and good company. We created a new game called "Google Me".

Dracula Would Be Proud

When we picked Skyler up from school yesterday, his teachers reported that he bit another student and was put in time out. We were very concerned and talked to him about biting people. Today, he tried to bite his mom and was scolded. Hopefully, he will understand that biting is wrong. Sometimes when I am playing with him, I pretend to "nibble" on his hands or toes. Maybe I should stop.

Flower for Mommy

As soon as we got home, Skyler and I jogged down to the park and ran around, chasing each other, exploring the desert, and picking a yellow flower for Mommy.

Backyard Fun

After school, we played for a bit outside. Skyler had fun running after the dogs and watching Daddy pick up the dog poop! It's getting a little warmer. It's crazy that this past weekend nearby towns had snow falling for hours! I could see some on the mountain views in our backyard. I also updated the photo section with new albums for 2007.

Rainbow Connection

Yesterday, as the sun was setting, a massive rainbow tore through the clouds and appeared perfectly. Eventually, a second one was seen on top. This was, by far, the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen - and I got to share it with someone special. It was awesome. Skyler and I watched it for a long time. He learned how to say "naymo".

Swimming Class

Today I took Skyler to his first high level swimming class since he started over a year ago. He picked up a swimming ring I dropped to the floor. The water is over four feet deep and he dove down (with my help) and retrieved it. He loves jumping into the water and seems to have a lot of confidence.

Wacky Webcams

Yesterday we went to the park by Grandma's and had lots of fun. Today, Skyler and I messed around with a webcam. I have been working all weekend on setting up webcams to monitor the two dogs. Soon, it will be available online, along with a couple of outdoor CCD cameras for the front and back of the house. Big Brother is very pleased.

Tired Babies!

Gambit Arrives!

We picked up Gambit at the airport this afternoon. There were a couple minor problems getting her because of a delayed flight, but we took her home and had her play with Skyler for a few minutes before introducing her to Storm. It will be interesting to see how a baby boy, a baby girl dog, and a young adult boy dog get along!

Happy New Year!

Renea and I took Skyler up to Jenny and Mark's cabin for the day and had relaxing time. Skyler didn't want to go sledding, but it was fun to witness his crying turn to laughter after the quick trip down the small hill.

Weight Goal

As of an hour ago, I have decided to seriously cut back on my weight. After looking online at various "ideal weight" charts, I have concluded that I need to lose about 40 pounds to be at the "high average" for my height. Woah!