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They Win, But Everyone's Sick!

Thursday night, Renea and I went to Josh's last soccer game, which was Senior Night. His mom and dad walked with him down the field with the other seniors and parents. I took photos and videos during the game. Shortly after it started, it began to rain. It didn't stop and gradually got worse. Then the wind came. I continued to use my camera under a couple of roof overhangs. Renea eventually joined me and we waded through the cold and the water together.

Of course, the game ended the second 40 minute half in a tie. So, they took a quick break and played another 10 minute overtime period. No score. Another break. Another 10 minutes...and his team finally scored! It was well worth it.

Now, soon after that eventful game, Renea, Skyler, and I started to get sick. She took Skyler to NextCare Saturday morning to each get diagnosed with an ear infection. I was having chest pains and finally went in on Sunday morning to get x-rays and blood tests done to confirm bronchitis. When we went to work this morning, it seemed like half the campus was absent, including many teachers and office workers.

Thankfully, our home is becoming more well now and will continue our medicine this week.


Yesterday, Heath Ledger died from an apparent overdose of sleeping pills. I don't care if he did it deliberately or not. It struck me significantly when I came home yesterday and visited The Drudge Report to read about him on the headline. He was about my age and had a kid about Skyler's age. I liked seeing him in movies, like A Knight's Tale and The Patriot. I briefly discussed him with my classes today and some initially didn't know who he was and some started talking with their peers about him. It's interesting that just recently, I was reading online about how his performance in the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight, The Joker, was being criticized and lauded at the same time. Renea and I saw I Am Legend last weekend in an IMAX theatre and it had an exclusive trailer for the Summer movie. I am excited to see it, yet know I will feel bittersweet because of his death.

It's a Sunshine Day

Right now I'm listening to the Brady Bunch song, It's a Sunshine Day and reflecting on our weekend. It was busy, yet peaceful. I had a few minutes outside with Skyler today and we looked out onto our great backyard view. I really think that the desert beyond our house is so awesome. It makes me think how awesome God is and the amazing creations that are all around us. He is present everywhere and reminds us that we need to keep moving forward, just like Walt Disney said and is the main theme from Meet the Robinsons.

"There's really no secret to our approach.  We keep moving forward – opening new doors and doing new things – because we're curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
– Walt Disney

6 Miles

Renea and I decided to start exercising, so she is using the treadmill and I rode my mountain bike for the first time in many moons. I rode offroad for the first half and really enjoyed the fresh air and quiet atmosphere.

My grad classes start this week and I already started working on them. I should be able to graduate in about a year and then everyone can call me Professor Jeff.

Oh, no! Falling!

Last night, my dad came over to pick up some gadgets and gizmos, but spent some time playing with Skyler, too. It was a nice visit.


I heard the song and watched the music video for Soul Asylum's song, Runaway Train (1992), earlier this week and had a memory of watching it growing up. It features missing children of all ages and ends with a young toddler who immediately reminded me of Skyler (same age, too). Thomas Gibson is his name and he would be an adult right now. I did some reading on his case and found his dad's email address from one of his websites. Below is what I sent to him and what he replied back.


I've been sick for a couple of days (still am) and took off work yesterday. Actually, I had to go into work to make sure my lesson plans were ready and then waited for Renea to finish a meeting with a parent that took almost two hours! Ugh! As soon as I got home, I went to bed, watching recorded episodes of The Twilight Zone. Later, when Renea and Skyler came home, Skyler wanted to play with me...and we did for a long time. It was fun.

Kingdom of The Almighty

Ok, so yesterday, we watched The Kingdom. Not only was it a very well-made movie and had my heart beating rapidly throughout most of it, because of the level of pure excitement. With our current war on terror and my own feelings towards radical extremism, this movie really made me feel powerful emotions. The last scene of the movie almost ruined it for me, until I went online and read what others thought. Most made it sound like violence doesn't solve anything, but a couple I read believe that there is a true difference between people who want "everyone" dead versus those who want only the "bad guys" dead. Tremendous difference.

Today we watched Even Almighty. I enjoyed the first movie, Bruce Almighty, but this one stars Steve Carell and since Renea and I are suffering from lack of new episodes of The Office, due to the ongoing writers strike, this was an excellent alternative. Skyler loved all the animals and the flood scene at the end. There were a couple times we danced in front of the TV during a song. The movie had a very positive message and was very funny. Watching some of the DVD extras, I really gained a greater appreciation for the film crew and how Christian values were incorporated into the story. I remember hearing an interview last summer with the director and Michael Medved. While listening to the radio, I was very impressed with the man and his desire to produce Hollywood movies for families.

Last week, for New Year's Eve, Renea and I took Skyler into the hot tub and listened to part of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. Our bedroom TV was positioned so we could see it from outside, too. Only one of us made it to midnight.