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I know that's not a real word, but it describes the ideas that Renea and I have been working on this past week. She is amazing in the drive she has for the many side projects we are working on now. It's a lot of work, but I have been enjoying it.

Water Fun

Yesterday afternoon, Renea and Skyler visited some friends for some backyard fun.

Inside, they played with a wooden train table set and later on, convinced me to agree to purchasing one for us.

Stuck in the Middle With You

Not only a sweet song that gets you moving, it's also what happened to Skyler recently. We noticed this week that his fremula is stuck in between his two front teeth. He doesn't seem to mind, but Renea took him to the doctor yesterday, who said it's not a big deal, but that we could take him to a dentist. We will check on it.

This is not a photo of Skyler, but is a picture of a patient who has a torn fremula. Notice it is right above the middle two teeth. Skyler's is stuck between those two teeth.

Lights and All Wet

Skyler and I went out on the back porch a couple of times tonight and enjoyed watching the lightning and feeling the rain. We made wet hand and footprints on the concrete. He got to stay up late and have some fun with Daddy, whose been recently wishing for the rain every day.

Men Being Men

This afternoon, Uncle Mike, my brother, Dad, and I went to the Men's Luxury Toy Expo and Auction at the new Cardinal Stadium (University of Phoenix Stadium). I had a great time and enjoyed seeing all the expensive and cool cars, boats, bikes, and other guy stuff. It was the first time I had been to the stadium. Afterwards, we went to Cabela's across the street to look at guns, knives, stuffed animals, and other manly stuff.

Helping Mommy Work

Today, we worked on the grout for the newly-installed tile for our laundry/dog room. I just exchanged the wet sponges, while they cleaned up the grout. Now, Gambit won't be able to make holes in the walls anymore. Renea had to patch up two already.

I Am Monk

While I was out running errands, Skyler pointed at the TV and said "Daddy" as this guy was on a commercial. Twice. I guess my OCD is pretty noticeable to him.

Wings, Robots, and Dance Music

Last night, I met my friend, Geoff, for chicken wings, Transformers on Arizona's largest movie screen in Scottsdale, and a house party, where he was one of the DJs. It was a good time.


Renea and I moved some furniture to different parts of the house tonight. She's still working as I type this. Hey, I am jumping up to help once in a while! Earlier, we watched The Muppet Movie DVD that I bought and showed Skyler. It has a frog (he loves them). It brought back a lot fo memories. Yesterday, I saw Live Free or Die Hard with Uncle Mike. We both loved it and agreed that it was over-the-top! The underwater swimming videos from earlier this week have been uploaded to the movies section.

Swimming Underwater

Sunday and today, we went swimming at Grandma's. I used my brand new underwater camera to take some photos. It was a lot of fun. Skyler is a fish. He looks so natural underwater.

Check out the photos.

Family Trips

This week, we worked on plans for going to Michigan (Renea, Skyler, and I) right before Labor Day and California (Josh, Renea, Skyler, and I) in the beginning of October. We will be going to my cousin's wedding in Michigan and seeing Ashley in California. Both trips will have site-seeing opportunities. Since Renea and I are teaching all summer, we have to wait until school starts to take vacations!