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Remembering Henry

I would never have called him that in person, for fear of getting severely (and deservedly) punished. He was one of my grandpas and I rarely talked to him these past few years. It was mostly during a holiday at my parents’ house. I did call him a few times on my cell phone.

Tonight, I finally looked at some photos that my dad gave me that was passed out the weekend of grandpa’s funeral, from a few weeks ago.

The photos can be seen here, unedited and full of stories that I wish I had taken the chance to find out more about. He served as a medic in the 82nd Airborne in the U.S. Army and jumped out of airplanes! My grandpa was a member of the “greatest generation”.

The Herald Tribune and Farley Funeral Home both have his obiturary online.


This morning, Skyler and I were having a pillow fight. As he was running towards the bed, I threw a pillow at him and he fell, cutting his forehead, above his left eye. Blood was everywhere! I felt bad, but he is doing surprisingly well.

Do not call C.P.S.! This is how it looked a couple hours later.

Obama in a Bottle

Late last night, I got back from Denver, where I spent a couple of days with aunts and uncles, cousins, and 2nd cousins. Saturday was our long video shoot. We got footage of Barrack Obama in his bottle for obamainabottle.com (site will be up soon). It will be on YouTube.com and other places around the ‘net. I enjoyed my short trip and the weather was great.

Here is a photo of my aunt Lee that could be use as blackmail someday. Right-click to download!


Yesterday afternoon, Renea and I went to see Oliver! at the Broadway Palm Theatre. When we arrived, we saw Renea’s mom, Jon, Kalie, and Nathan (Renea’s sister’s two kids). Last year, we saw The Full Monty. Before the show there is a pretty good food buffet. Even though it’s a long drive, it’s worth it.

Is That A Toy Snake?

This afternoon, Josh asked his mom about the big, toy snake in the backyard, near the wall. She didn’t know what he was talking about. That’s when I came into the room and got a glimps of it before it moved and we are were confirmed that it was a real snake. Josh and I went out with a rake and couldn’t find it. It must’ve found a quick hiding place or went over the wall. It looked like this, a Coachwhip, because it appeard to have a reddish tint to it.

We didn’t go swimming today!

Monsoon Is Here!

Today was the first really big rainfall for The Valley this monsoon season. Before I got home, Renea and Skyler played on the front porch. I was running around town, doing some errands, and when it poured down so hard, all the cars stopped. I couldn’t see more than 10 feet in front of the van. It was crazy! Overall, it was the heaviest rain in a decade out here.

Big Bug!

Tonight, while swimming, Skyler and I discovered a big bug on the bottom of the pool right before we jumped in. It was a rather large scorpion, taking a long sleep.