Herolds' Hangout

Thoughts, Reminders, and Reasons to Brag...


Fun With Friends and Family

We have had so much fun spending time with friends and family this summer. It's nice to have the time to hang out with people you like. Skyler has more girlfriends than the law allows, though. I will have to have a chat with him soon.

Being Silly

After Skyler spent a long time making a "playground park" on his bed, he decided to make a pig face in the dirty window. Once I thought the silliness left him, we went swimming, but the water always makes Skyler go crazy. We had fun together!

Our First Launch

Last Saturday, Skyler and I took my father out to test the first launch of our Titan Blast Rocket. All it took was some water and a lot of sweat in the 113 degree Phoenix desert. This week, my summer school class has worked hard and had some eventual success. I've been reminding them about the shuttle launch on Thursday morning.

Watch Our First Launch!

Cow Appreciation Day

Skyler had fun playing and swimming with Macy and Brody this afternoon. But, when it came time for dinner tonight, I read about Chick-fil-A and their 5th Annual Cow Appreciation Day. Skyler and I dressed like cows to get free meals. It was a fun ending to a great day!

Up and Ice Cream

Today we saw the new movie, Up. It was a very good story and another great Disney Pixar film. Last night, I saw a teaser trailer for Toy Story 3, which comes out next summer.

After the movie, Skyler remembered the ice cream sign he saw on our way in, so we just had to get some! He had fun making his tongue (and face) blue. Renea even joined in!

Safety Latches and Knobs

Yesterday, my uncle, Chris, installed knobs and handles in our kitchen, while Renea worked with my aunt, Susan, on a computer college course (very difficult and lots of work). The new knobs and handles really change the look and feel of our kitchen and pantry area. Skyler and Lukas played all around the house and then later everyone went for a nice swim.

Earlier in the day, I thought about when I installed some cabinet latches because of Skyler and how I had to remove them now. He is growing so big and is learning so much each and every day.

Fireworks 2009

Why not spend the entire weekend celebrating the greatest country in the world? Great idea! Friday night, we went to Anthem and saw fireworks after Skyler's swim lesson. Saturday, we spent the day at two parties and went swimming. Sunday, my parents and brother stopped over and we played Wii bowling.

I tried avoiding any conversation or thoughts about Michael Jackson and focused on the men and women who've fought and currently fight for our independence and freedoms. God bless America!

Check out the photos.

Elsie's Birthday Surprise

Last weekend, we celebrated my grandma Elsie's birthday. She wasn't expecting all of us from town and out-of-town to surprise her, so it was very exciting for everyone. After getting group photos at her home, we went to Arby's for her favorite lunch. Then, we traveled to our house for Wii videogames, swimming, and a cake. Later on, we went back by her home for Uncle Sam's Pizza and celebrated once again. It was a great day and everyone had a good time.

Check out the photos.