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Classroom Makeover

Renea sneaked into my classroom while I was in New Mexico and decorated my large bulletin board with a crossword puzzle about me. She put an answer key in the corner and a photo of Skyler and I. I love it!

Viva Las Vegas

Bill and Janie met up with us in Las Vegas for a couple of days. It was a long drive, but well worth it! I can't wait until the overpass is finished at the Hoover Dam. We all stayed at the Luxor and saw the Tournament of Kings next door, where Skyler did his best Huzzah (utensils were not allowed). Skyler loved seeing all of the lights and the energy on the strip. The last time he was in Vegas was when he was still walking like Frankenstein's monster. It was a nice, quick getaway with family. Bill managed to be very tolerable the entire time!

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Skyler Swims for YouTube!

Skyler's Girlfriend

Skyler and Amelia got to hang out for a while today. They are so creative and love to have lots of fun together!

They got so tired from playing that they decided to take a nap under the pool table.

Spongebob Weekend

Nickelodeon had a special weekend of events at the J.W. Marriot resort this weekend, featuring Spongebob and Dora. Skyler got to spend time with his friends, Nick and Quinn and play games and eat lots of food! It was very hot out, but being in or near the pool most of the time was very refreshing. It was a good "staycation".

Swimming With Friends

Bronson, Trenton, and Amberlin brought their dad over for some swimming fun. It's been a while since we saw them and it was great to jump in the pool and get cooled off from the hot weather.

Josh also got a new tatoo! And not the temporary kind.

Pair of Angels

Skyler and I woke up this morning to clean up the back and found this lovely pair of angels at the bottom of our pool. We love finding geckos on the walls outside, but it's sad to see them in the pool. However, it's much better than seeing a scorpion!

Ski Lift Ride in Flagstaff

Skyler and I took my dad up to Flagstaff in the convertible for the day. We wanted to take Skyler on his first ski lift ride. We went up to the top and found it significantly more difficult to breathe! Skyler had fun, but I was nervous because the lift chairs weren't as secure as I would have liked! I had my arm around him most of the way up!

We also got to use the "highest toilet in Arizona" at the top!

Michigan 2010

Michigan was a week of having fun with family and friends! We arrived in the afternoon on July 4th to a homemade display of (illegal) fireworks and sparklers.

It was great to see relatives that I haven't seen in a while and friends from high school I haven't seen since...well, high school! Since Facebook has become a place to catch up with people from my past, it was really nice of Sarah and Julie to help plan and arrange a get-together with a couple dozen classmates. It was really like the class reunion we never had (because we never had).

Grandma Barb looked amazing and let us beat her at the many games we played. My favorite was Apples to Apples. She's a good sport, though!

Skyler got to go on his first dune ride at the same place where my family went all the time when I was growing up. We even went to the Detroit Zoo. Lots of fun memories!

I can't wait to go back, but we might wait until after the winter snow melts...

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Ninja Diving!

Skyler and Amelia enjoyed some exciting jumping and diving into the pool this weekend. Summer is so much fun!

I Love Handprints

Skyler likes to claim his territory in the backseat of the convertible.

How could I get mad? I actually smiled when Renea pointed these out to me.

Sometimes, I just love to see handprints like this...