Herolds' Hangout

Thoughts, Reminders, and Reasons to Brag...


Last Day of Summer School

Today was the last day of summer school. The first graders were awesome and so much fun! Most of them improved their reading scores and all of them had a great time. The other teachers I worked closely with were very helpful and friendly. And, to top it off, we got paid today!

Swimming Fun

We had fun swimming this weekend, but Renea had to basically challlenge Josh to a water fight to get him to come in. Skyler is getting over an ear infection, so he wasn't allowed to go under water and had to take it easy at swim lessons.

Four More Years!

Renea and I were married four years ago yesterday. We took it easy and went up to the new house. Skyler enjoyed exploring. These past four years (and the ten total that we've known one another) are full of excitement and new experiences. The next four years will be even better.

Fathers' Day

Well, we were looking forward to wearing our matching Hawaiin outfits today, but Renea and I ended up taking Skyler to NextCare because she suspected he had an ear infection - she was right! After a couple hours, we got home and I also started not feeling well...and then Renea, too. So, the three of us just sat around, played, and watched a movie. We did get to take some funny photos of Skyler making funny faces. Check out the 2006 Photos for the album.

Despite all the sickness, we managed to have a good day and I received the best Fathers' Day gift from Renea and Skyler. They made me a special "Daddy and Skyler" photo frame at As You Wish, a pottery-making craft store by the movie theatre. We picked it up last night and I was very surprised. We'll take the Hawaiin outfit photos soon and put the best one in the frame.

Carseat Switcheroo

Skyler and I just got back from getting his carseat reversed (forward facing), because he keeps on growing. I took this photo at the Mayo Hospital, where we got it adjusted. When we returned, Renea and Josh claimed they heard him say "yeah" when Josh asked "Skyler, do you like your carseat?". Also, we are expecting our first offer on the house, so we are anxiously awaiting a phone call. Renea has accounted for all phones in the house (after confiscating the one Ashley was talking on).

Postcard to the Grannies and a Soccer Game

I just sent a photo postcard to the grannies in Michigan and used this photo of Skyler and I. Renea took it a few minutes ago and I thought I would send it on his behalf to thank them for the birthday gift. Josh had another soccer game two nights ago and won. They played outside on a new "indoor, but outdoor" field. He has been watching most of the World Cup with his friends latley - even getting up at six in the morning to see games.

We're Still Here

Yesterday came and went. There were lots of weird news stories related to the special day, but nothing too exciting. Right now Phoenix is going through a thunderstorm - way more exciting!

Is tomorrow the start of Armageddon?

There's been a lot of hype lately about tomorrow being 6-6-06 and the possibility of the antichrist being born. Whatever! I'm just confident that God has plans and I feel extremely secure on this Earth, knowing He is in charge. Hopefully, everyone around me feels the same.

First Graders!

Today was my first day teaching summer school to first graders. I have two great teachers that are sharing their students, so the students get more opportunities to become better readers. The kids are awesome and seemed to enjoy their first day, too.