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I am nearly finished with a research paper and Powerpoint presentation for one of my grad. school classes. It would have been better to start earlier, but I am getting it done. Listening to music, playing with Skyler, eating, sleeping, helping Renea, watching TV, watching movies, and adding to my blog all contribute to my delay in finishing. It's worth it.

5 Years?

Thursday night, Renea and I took Skyler with us for dinner to celebrate our fifth anniversary. Yeah, I know, we could've gotten a sitter, but it was enjoyable because Skyler behaved rather well. It's been a roller coaster half a decade and I would not trade it for the world. Renea is the best woman I could ever live my life with and I appreciate all the little things she does that usually go unnoticed. She is an amazing wife and mother!

Kabobs and Choke-Holds

Wednesday, we went to my parents to eat dinner and hang out with my grandma Elsie and Uncle Mike. The food was good and Skyler got to play with Lukas, but towards the end of the night, they decided to strangle each other, just moments after playfully chasing one another around the house.

Choo-Choo Train

Last Sunday night, we went to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale, not far from my parents. The temperature was nice, due in part to the massive number of trees and a slight breeze. Our school's band instructor was performing the local party band, C.C. Ryder, on the stage. They played some really fun songs. We all went on the train and had a blast. I would definitely go again. Skyler had so much fun on the train and merry-go-round and then, later, dancing to the music (even with complete strangers). His grandpa and grandma bought him a pretty neat multi-colored light stick. It was Fathers Day and it was good to spend time with my dad and Skyler with his.

Still Busy

I feel like since school's been out for the summer that I've been more busy! My grad. classes are making me learn a lot and teaching reading skills to 2nd graders is very engaging. On the side, a couple of video and website projects have been adding to the burden (I'm working on one now). However, Renea has been very patient with me, despite my numerous moments of complaining. My biggest worry is missing out on spending time with Skyler.

I had Renea take this photo of Skyler and I with our new shirts from Threadless right before we went to a birthday party.

Swimmin' Fun!

This afternoon, Skyler and I took a dip in his new pool. He didn't like it that I took up so much room, so I got out and watched him play. Gambit was a little shy of the water, but inched in close enough for a smooch.

Busy Week

Sometimes being a teacher doesn't mean summers off. This week I started teaching reading to a small class to 2nd graders going into 3rd. Lisa, my team-teacher, just completed her first year of teaching and seems like a pro. It's been a fun ride so far.

A couple minutes ago I submitted a quiz, marking the end of my second week of graduate school. I've learned a lot already.

Storm, our female French Bulldog, started her heat cycle today, so we will be separating her and Gambit.

Tonight, we rented Night at the Museum. It was really good. Tomorrow, we have swim lessons, shoe shopping (because Renea sprayed the hose on Skyler in his underwear and shoes).

We Saw a Movie!

Renea and I took Skyler to his second movie (the last time was when he was only a few weeks old). I was shocked to see that prices were $7.50 for a matinee and that we needed a ticket for our two year old! We saw Shrek the Third. It was a really good movie and Skyler was pretty well-behaved. After the movie, we took a promo shot for the upcoming, The Simpsons Movie.

Family Grilling

On Friday we took Skyler to my parents house for swimming and dinner. Tony's family and his parents were there, too, so it was a larger get-together. Skyler had a fun time chasing Pablo around. Patrick and Pablo did pretty good with the chicken.