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Classroom Renovation

This summer, my classroom is being renovated. It looks like a terrible mess right now, but I am starting to envision the possibilities! How often do teachers get to do this?

Family Creation Challenge

Today, I took Skyler to a Lego event I was looking forward to for a few days! Skyler spent a few minutes creating a Lego masterpiece (army airplanes, see photo) and Toys R Us let us keep everything (up to a certain number of pieces). It was fun and we went home to play with his creations some more.

New Mexico Training

I spent that last two weeks training in Las Cruses, New Mexico at New Mexico State University. My school sent me there to learn about S.T.E.M. and Gateway to Technology. The program I was learning is for middle school level education and I will be teaching science and technology classes this next school year. It was a busy couple of weeks and we had lots of homework, but it was actually really fun.

They put me in a nice hotel and the training center was a short commute. The weather was exactly like Phoenix, so it wasn't a "break from the heat"!

The hardest part was being away from home so long.

Ashley Visits!

Ashley made her usual surprise, but always welcomed visit today form Yuma. Skyler laughed when she and her mom tried to avoid the camera.

First Tumbling Lesson and a Party

Skyler had his first gymnastics/tumbling lesson today at Desert Tumbling, a newer place for kids to get that energy out! The owners, Paul and Wendy, are very nice and have a great atmosphere for teaching basic tumbling skills. Skyler loved his first lesson and I liked that it was FREE! This is a good weekly class, in addition to his swimming lessons at Hubbard.

After the long, but super lesson, we took Skyler to Robin's house for a staff party. Darci had fun putting Skyler head-first into the beanbag game. He was wiped out and fell asleep on the way home.