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Sellin' on eBay

Yesterday I visited my grandma to talk about some things she was interested in having me sell for her on eBay. I took some photos and picked up grandpa's VideoEye that recently sold. It was nice to spend some time alone with grandma and I'm sure she was happy I stopped by.

Skyler's First Zoo Trip!

Skyler loved going to see all the "manmimals" and riding the merry-go-round.
The weather was nice and the shade was nicer.

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I finished the final version of Grandpa's memorial DVD and I am proud of the work I have put in this past week. DVDs are being mailed out today. Skyler and Renea have runny noses, so I hope I don't get sick. We were going to go to the World Wildlife Zoo today, but we will have to wait until tomorrow.

First Time at Sunday School

We just got back from church and Skyler was a very good boy for his teachers, so we celebrated with a breakfast burrito.

Finishing Up Stanley's DVD

I was about to start finishing up the dvd and checked my email. My mom and grandma apparently checked out some photos from the website and decided to send us an email. Notice the name of the sender (in green).

Emotions Keepin' Me Awake

I have been working on grandpa's DVD/slideshow for the past 6 or 7 hours and I am just about finished. The funeral is in 7 and a half hours, so I will probably be high on caffeine all day. I have seen the photos and spent hours in tears with smiles over this project, so I might step into another room when everyone watches it for the first time.

Skyler Has Connections

A Letter and a Cousin

Last night, Josh had his school soccer banquet. It was catered by Pick Up Stix and I enjoyed using chopsticks (with the "cheat holder" of course). He received his first Varsity Letter and is interested in getting a jacket to put it on. He thinks mine is cool. Today, my second cousin, Kristi, came over with my mom and met Skyler. I hope she can visit again soon.

Viva Las Vegas

This past weekend we went to Las Vegas for Josh's soccer tournament again. His team progressively played better each game. We hung out with the Lalli's a lot and had a great weekend. I did all of the driving and most of the complaining.

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