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Reading My Blog

My dad told me today that my cousin, Jessie, read some of my recent blog entries about Great Grandma. That really put a smile on my face. He also told me he heard that the flowers we sent were exactly like the picture I posted and that they were placed at the grave site.

Spring Break is Over!

We all went back to school today. When Renea dropped Skyler off, he went right to a table to sit down with a friend. But, when she picked him up, she caught him taking a toy away from a classmate. I had some new students today and enjoyed my prep period. It's been a few months since I've had time during school hours to work on lesson plans or make copies. I am looking forward to the next couple of months. Also, I just got off the phone from ordering flowers for Great Grandma's funeral. They are supposed to look like these:


I just checked on Skyler in his newly-lowered bed (from crib to daybed). He woke and sat up when I touched him, so I stayed for a minute as watched him as he fell back asleep. I am so proud of him sleeping in his "big boy bed".


Great Grandma's funeral is next Wednesday in Grand Rapids, MI. I decided not to fly out there. We will be in Michigan in September, so we can make a special trip to GR to visit her grave. Mom is flying out tomorrow morning to help out for three weeks. I will send flowers next week for the ceremony.

She was very precious to me. After all, who else can say their first college roommate was their great grandma? That year was important for me. My parents and brother had just moved to Arizona and I was feeling more independent, going to a university and having the freedom to stay out late. Great Grandma was always up waiting for me when I walked in at 2AM. She would complain, but I listened to her and respected her. She taught me how to properly wash clothes. We had meals together and sometimes I would take her out. I'm very glad that I had that opportunity because I will never forget her.

Great Grandma Died Tonight

Skyler woke me up a few minutes ago with his crying, so I went to the computer to check email and read for a bit. My mom called and told me that Great Grandma had died. She was due to start in a residential hospice care center tomorrow. While I know I am really sad, I just don't feel it yet. I was looking at airfare earlier tonight to visit in the next few days. It would have been really hard to see her in person, but I'm glad she's in heaven now. So, I guess I am sad and happy at the same time. The rain outside, steadily coming down, is very fitting.

My Grandma Barb and Great Grandma Dorothy sit for a photo with Skyler and I. All smiles.

IKEA Shopping

Yesterday, we went to IKEA to buy Skyler a table and chairs set for eating, drawing, playing, etc. Of course we ended up with a little more than we had in mind. He likes to sit at his new table and doesn't mind that we gave his highchair away today. Well, he cried when he saw me put it in our friend's trunk, but I think he's over it now.

Time With Grandma

Yesterday, we got to see Grandma Barb some more. I took some photos and will put those up this week. She leaves tomorrow morning. I was thinking about flying to Michigan to spend some time with her and Great Grandma. Maybe next month.


I took a break from working on Skyler's much-anticipated and long-overdue DVD year-in-review to replace the batteries in a couple of his toys. However, we found out we were out of AA batteries!

Spring Break!

We are on a much-needed break. Last weekend Grandma Barb from Michigan arrived. We had her and my parents over last weekend. She's been on mini-vacations with my parents. Today, they hope to see Skyler at his swim lesson, however, he's been home sick for a couple days. Tomorrow, we will spend some time at my parents' house with her.

Ashley Came and Went

She left yesterday for combat training in North Carolina. We had a little party for her Saturday afternoon with friends and relatives. Skyler didn't cry this time because she left after he went to school. He got a really good report from his teachers yesterday and they were very impressed with his puzzle skills and talking. Photos from Ashley's boot camp ceremonies are now up.