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Juno - Not The Alaskan City!

This afternoon, Renea and I had a half-day and we went out to lunch at Arriba's and then saw Juno at the mall theatre. It's been out for a couple of months, but I've been wanting to see it ever since. The movie really brought me to tears, not because it was sad, but because it was honest and dramatically dealt with a very serious issue that many families have to face (teen pregnancy). I knew the story before I saw it, but thought it covered the pro-life idea pretty well. Ellen Page, the young lead actress, was nominated for many awards, including an Oscar. I highly recommend it to anyone and will probably buy the DVD when it comes out.

Easter Sunday

It was the last day of our Spring Break and we spent time at both mine and Renea's parents' house (but, not after making a pit stop to meet The Easter Bunny). Skyler got lots of candy and toys at both places and really enjoyed seeing all of his relatives.

Saguaro Lake on the Desert Belle

Renea, Skyler, and I joined my parents and grandma on a late afternoon riverboat ride on the Desert Belle. It was a very nice time and the weather was perfect. Skyler enjoyed jumping up and down and steering the boat.

Weird Rash or Bite?

After a few minutes of playing in the other room this morning, Renea noticed a mark on Skyler's nose. He didn't scratch it or complain about it at all. My response to it when I soon woke up was that maybe I bit him while sleepwalking. Obviously, I was not taken seriously and so a second opinion was needed. Renea took him to the pediatrician's a little while later and the doctor could not diagnose it. It appears to be getting better, though. Very strange.

Early Easter Eggs

This morning, Skyler and his mommy made Easter eggs and made daddy promise to eat a lot of them this week. He had fun with all the colors.

Arizona Science Center

Today, we went to the Arizona Science Center and had a lot of fun. Grandma Barb got to go with us. Skyler saw lots of dinosaurs and bugs! Here's a photo taken right before he started getting his hand caught behind the glass, trying to touch the dead bugs.

After the museum, we went to my parents' house for some leftover corned beef and cabbage. Then we played some dice games. I won at Farkle!

St. Patrick's Day Swimming

Today, I picked up Bronson, Trenton, and Amberlin to come over to play and swim with Skyler. We all had fun. Skyler had some sweet dance moves outside. I wore my green rugby shirt for the rest of the day so I wouldn't get pinched.

Grandma Barb Arrives!

Yesterday, Grandma Barb and my parents came over for the day to hang out, eat, and play a very fun and close game of Phase 10. Our van was in the shop, getting worked on and won't be ready until tomorrow morning!

While we were playing the game, the topic of The Polar Express and my blog about it from December. My grandma and mom watched the movie this morning and went to the links in my blog about Grand Rapids and Herpolsheimer’s. They were browsing photos from the Grand Rapids Public Library website and saw a small thumbnail of some students at Central High School. My grandma thought that maybe, by chance, she would recognize someone in the photo. When she clicked on it, she realized that she was actually IN the photo!

Click on it!

Just now, I found a photo on the same website that features Harry Houdini, of whom I've been reading and listening to an audiobook lately. In the photo, he is performing an escape trick in front of the Grand Rapids Herald building (circa 1920).

All Region Team, MVP, etc.

Josh has his final end of the season soccer awards night. There was some great bbq food! Josh was awarded an honor for one of the best players in the region (coach-chosen) and Most Valuable Player for his team (team-chosen). He was a co-captain and was a really great leader for the Mountain Ridge Mountain Lions this season. He and his co-captain were the main stars of the DVD I made, which had a slideshow and short movie montage.