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Headin' to The Guy Store

I am about to leave to Home Depot to find some sandbags or some other way to secure our Open House signs. Yesterday was find until the early afternoon when the wind picked up and decided to blow all of our signs down. Now that we are finished with working full time for a while, we can spend more time with open houses. Maracay agreed to postpone our move-in date by a month, so that is a total blessing!

Relaxing in the Spa

Renea, Skyler, and I enjoyed the late afternoon in the pool. Skyler eventually fell asleep and created a perfect photo opportunity. I love him so much and am happy every day I wake up and realize "I am a daddy!".

Daddy and Son Work!

Yesterday afternoon, Skyler and I put together a birthday gift. It took about an hour and required my brain to go into melting status. He liked the wheel parts the best.

Another School Year Almost Through

Tomorrow is the last full day of school. Next week I start teaching reading to first graders in summer school. This year has been a tremendous learning experience for me. Overall, I have really enjoyed my classes and I know the students feel the same way. Next year will be even better!

The Cousins Celebrate

We had a family birthday party for Skyler and Lukas at Grandma Elsie's house. Everyone had a blast and the only difficulty was rescuing a balloon from the fan. Lukas enjoyed his carrot cake more than Skyler did. In the pool, Lukas learned a couple tricks from his cousin.

Skyler Turns One!

We started celebrating around four this morning, singing happy birthday to him in our bed. After work, we tried to get him to walk so I could videotape him, but he was really cranky. So, Renea and I took him swimming and that made him really happy. Then we had him walk and he showed us how he can open a door with the knob! We both gasped! next it was off to Babies R Us to get some pajamas and toys, but one of them didn't work, so I have to return/exchange it. Finally, I got online to post this special first birthday report (he will have more in the next couple weeks). Ok, I am going to go give him some snuggly hugs before he falls asleep...

Next Month?

We lowered the price on our house another 20K and visited it today. It is almost finished! We got inside and walked around - it is looking good! God-willing, we will be busy moving in this summer.

Mother's Day

I haven't updated this in a while because of some personal issues, but I am happy to say things have recently gotten much better! This past weekend, we visited both sides of our family and enjoyed everyone's company. I thought this photo of my mom and my son sums up the day.

Show and Tell

We have had a handful of showings through realtors today and yesterday. Another realtor is bringing people over in a few minutes. Things are looking better! Praise the Lord!