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The Full Monty

Renea and I decided on short notice to attend today's lunch matinee of The Full Monty at the Broadway Palm Theatre. I knew the premise of the story, so it wasn't too much of a shocker. However, we were two of only a small number of "younger" audience members. Most of the crowd were senior citizens, including a charter bus group. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was nice. The show was awesome and I would really like to rent the movie soon. I was seriously impressed with the local theatre group and if it weren't for it being one of the last shows of the run, I would've wanted to go to another performance!

Can't Sleep

It's 2:30AM and I have been working on a couple projects for Hark! Angel Productions. For some reason I feel wide awake. My sleep cycle must be really off! Speaking of cycles, I biked yesterday morning for over and hour off and on roads. It's been a few days since I biked and it felt great.

Chats With Ashley

I just finished my second internet chat with Ashley and I must say that neither were exceptionally important, but at least I communicated with her. She is still in school, learning Arabic. Hopefully, she will visit home soon.
Chat with Ashley 5.16.07
Chat with Ashley 5.28.07

Potty Training

Today marks the first day of intensive potty training for Skyler. He has been playing with his "big boy seat" for a couple of days and he already did a "number one" on it this morning. However, he also did it again in his "big boy underwear" and didn't flinch.

School's Out and Birthday Toys

This week we all finished school for the year (but, I am starting grad school next week). It was pretty hectic for all of us. I managed to finish Skyler's daycare DVD and make copies for all the parents and staff. Renea had to deal with students (and parents) who failed classes and couldn't participate in the promotion ceremony or who needed to take summer classes in order to move to the next grade level. Josh had to take his finals and is still figuring out which club soccer team to join. Skyler had it real bad learning how all his new toys work and visiting mommy and daddy at work. We still haven't fully recovered from his 2nd birthday party last week - things are still everywhere. Besides his party, he went to his cousin's and his uncle's.

Mother's Day

We visited Renea's mom on Sunday for Mother's Day. Skyler was a little fussy and needed constant attention. I took this photo of him leaning on his mother shortly before we left.

Private First Class

A few days ago, Ashley told her mom that she had been promoted to Private First Class just for "doing what I'm told." She hopes to visit us in a couple of weeks.

Points and Old Ladies

Today, Renea and I started Weight Watcher's. I figured it would be easier if we did it together. Skyler was witness to the meeting. There were plenty of old, overweight ladies at the meeting. I was one of three males in the entire room (two being kids). I can see why people would want to attend the meetings - it was very motivational. It's been about six hours so far, but I feel good. Renea bought us chicken soft tacos at Taco Bell because she already knew the point values from her prior WW experience. Right now, she's out with Skyler buying some food from recipes printed from Dotti's Weight Loss Zone.

Little Miss Sunshine

Last night Renea, Skyler, and I watched Little Miss Sunshine. It was probably the best movie I've seen in years and reminded me why I love low-budget independent movies. Having spent some years in that field, I often think about those times and all the ideas and dreams I had. It's good to see great movies that aren't full of special effects and high-paid superstars.

Trivia: In one scene, the family is driving under a bunch of highway overpasses. This is at the I-17 and 101 intersection, just a few miles from us. However, they are driving east, when they should be driving west.

Career Day

Yesterday, my dad visited Hillcrest Middle School and presented to six classes of eighth graders about the construction industry. I decided to drop in for a few minutes during second period. It was well worth it. I think for the first time, I learned about my dad's journey after high school and his adventures in the workforce. Why didn't we have this conversation before? It doesn't matter. I am very glad he shared his story to the students and that I was one of them.