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We celebrated our friend, Chet's, birthday at Postino. I managed to get a couple of import beers and loved the bruschetta and panini. Don't ask us how much Renea and I spent.

Terrorizing Cousins

Today, Renea's stepsister and her two daughter came to visit us during their big road trip. It was really good to see them and we spent the night swimming and listening to loud music. Even one of our neighbors had to lean over the wall and ask us to turn it down! I hope we get to see them again soon.

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Renea Celebrates Early!

Today, the office staff at work celebrated Renea's birthday a couple of weeks early, since school is out. She told me not to celebrate it again, but I need some help. Renea deserves a party!

Skyler 365

This week, I started taking headshot photos of Skyler each day to show a slow and steady progression of his growth. Here is the first shot, taken on his 4th birthday.

Renea and I also finished our last week of school and had a pleasant 8th grade promotion that included zero problems! Skyler was helping me get the students ready and then guard the gates. He first had to tumble with Miss Bland.

Skyler's Birthday Weekend

This weekend we celebrated Skyler's birthday with a party at our house and then a party at his cousin Lukas' house, who is also turning four years old. I got my new camera and tested it out underwater and used it for all the photos. It takes good video, too.

Skyler wanted a Star Wars party, so I had a boombox on the front porch playing Darth Vader's theme music, his cake had a Darth Vader mask, the pinata was a Darth Vader head, and the party favors included little inflatable light sabers that even lit up.

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Ice Cream Man

After work and school, Skyler and I were by ourselves at home and I heard the ice cream man's truck off in the distance. We decided to find it, but had to jump in the car to track it down. Just as it was leaving the neighborhood, we found it and waved it down. Skyler was in his underwear, but didn't mind as he picked out a treat.

In this photo, you can see a framed painting from the artist, Skylardo.

Mothers' Day Weekend

Renea and I got to spend time with our moms this weekend. Saturday, we had a nice lunch at Rúla Búla with my side of the family. Renea's side of the family came over on Sunday for swimming and celebrating Margo's 60th birthday. Skyler and Nathan had fun in the pool. At school, Skyler made some artwork for his mommy. We put it in our hallway near the garage, where we put up lots of creative things made by Skyler.

It was a tiring weekend for Skyler.

Check out the photos.

Our First Day of Summer

Today marks the first day we jumped in the pool, so I officially proclaim that summer is here! We went in around 5PM and Renea and I scraped some of the built-up calcium deposits on along the walls. The water temperature was about 82 degrees and we also heated up the hot tub. Skyler enjoyed jumping in and splashing us.