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Train Park Fun

We met my parents at the McCormick-Stillman Ranch Railroad Park again. It was a nice, sunny afternoon. It is a very fun park and has lots of entertainment!

Email to Miss Sara

Last night, Skyler and I were talking about school and he cried and said "I want to be four years tall and not five years tall, so I can be in Miss Sara's class again."
This morning, he asked "Can I visit Miss Sara's class next year?".
That is a testament of your impact!
Thanks again for two great years,


Her reply:

Thank you for sharing that with me. I have tears in my eyes. You never know for sure how you impact a family or a child. So, Thank you.


These pictures were taken during "Water Day" on one of the last days of school:

Skyler Catches a Big Lizard!

Skyler and daddy caught this gecko in our pool this afternoon. Yikes!

Mr. Smith Retires

Greg Smith, fellow teacher and friend, finally retired from Hillcrest Middle School. This is footage taken from his party at the end of the school year in May 2010.

Skyler 365

I took a photo of Skyler every day during his 4th year, starting on his birthday on May 18th, 2004 to May 17th, 2010. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. This is a work-in-progress...

Skyler has been crossing off the days until his birthday. He likes learning about time and calendars. I also took Skyler to Toys R Us on his birthday to buy Army Man Legos!

School Prank

I just had to take a photo near my classroom this morning...

Fishing With Grandparents

While Renea and I escaped down to Mexico, my parents took Skyler on his first fishing trip. They didn't catch anything that first time, but I look forward to going on the next one!

Rocky Point 2

Renea and I went to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) again with some friends from work. Saturday was a looooooooong day of...having fun. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to dinner!

It may be our last time in Mexico for a while, since things have gotten more negative in taking trips down there. Maybe someday in the future we can visit again with Skyler.

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Dinosaurs Vs. Superheroes

Skyler and I like to line up his millions of toys to play out battles between the good guys and the bad guys. He has a lot more toys than I remember having as a child, but I had to share (or not) with my younger brother. Now, I have to share with my young son!

He likes to get things for himself and comes up with creative ways to do that!

Mother's Day

We had a great time with family on Mother's Day! Everyone enjoyed watching Skyler and his cousin Nathan get rocketed into the pool by Josh. We took lots of underwater photos, too.

I didn't take photos of Skyler and his mom, my mom and me...but, we really had a nice day and I look forward to more Sunday afternoon get-togethers this summer!

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Mommy Day

Skyler invited his mom for one of the last days of school. They sang songs, played games, and made crafts. He has really learned a lot these past two years of preschool with Miss Sara and he will miss her.

Teacher Appreciation Day

Actually, it is Teacher Appreciation Week, and our school's P.A.T. has been treating us like royalty.

Yesterday, I had to drive way out to ASU East to get my master's project printed, but after noticing a typo, I decided to come back home and fix the mistake at my parents', where I also printed copies. We wanted to get a free meal for teachers at Applebees, but saw a huge line out the door and quickly decided to go to Uncle Sam's next door. Back at my parents' house, dad helped me out a lot to make sure the printing looked good. Today, I went back to ASU East, paid a gazillion dollars for the binding, and then drove home with a big smile on my face. I will be graduating with my master's in a couple of weeks!


We caught a scorpion in the bottom of the pool and decided to have some fun with it. Josh almost dropped it in his mouth and I scared Skyler when I was showing it. I ordered a huge blacklight to help us in our search for scorpions in the yard.