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New Bike

I thought about Josh needing the Mustang more and more and the option of us buying a new car for me next summer...and I came to the conclusion that it would be beneficial for me to buy a bike (after 12 years of not owning one). It will save us money. It will force me to exercise more often. It will be fun! So, I went out and bought a bike last night and rode it to work and back home today. It's about 10 miles roundtrip. My bottom is no longer sore. Here is the bike I bought:

Ashley Left This Morning

Around 4 AM this morning, Ashley left for boot camp. The Marines will be her new home for a while, but her family will still be the same. I took this photo last night as she left our house.

Thanksgiving in Durango

We had a great time and had the best Thanksgiving food! The main item was a turducken, which grabbed the curiosity of everyone. Skyler experienced snow for the first time and seemed to enjoy holding it.

Skyler Sick Again

He has a runny nose and is keeping Renea up all night. Apparently, I sleep so soundly that I am not awakened. I promised to stay up with him tonight, if needed. I hope he's all better for our big trip to Colorado next weekend!

The Polar Express

Last weekend, a bunch of people from Renea's side of the family went up to Williams, AZ to ride The Polar Express. I know at least two people in this photo are going to force me to remove it, so you better download it it quickly!

Early Thanksgiving

We had an early Thanksgiving as a "Going to Bootcamp" family get-together for Ashley. She's leaving in a few days, but not before traveling with us to Durango to have another Thanksgiving.

Morning at Mickey D's

Skyler begged his mom and I to take him to McDonald's to eat breakfast and play in the play area. He couldn't play because it was closed, but we managed to let him walk up the steps and go down the slide a few times.


I have been REALLY stressed lately with everything I am involved with and actually laughed to myself this afternoon when I thought about all the things that I have been doing and what else needs to be done. Everything will return to normal soon.