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Varsity Soccer Captain

Josh and his good friend, Rod (Brazil), are this year's captains of the Mountain Ridge High School varsity soccer team. I will be taking photos and video throughout the season for the team's end-of-the-season DVD.

Thanksgiving 2007

Last Thursday and Friday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with family around town. Skyler got to play with lots of kids and have fun. I am very thankful for my friends and family. Also, I am thankful for our military, especially Ashley, for serving and protecting our way of life.

Busy, Busy

Last weekend I did a video shoot at the home all morning and worked on websites. Renea, Skyler, and I were also got sick and then Josh got sick yesterday. An extra class period has been taken on by Renea and I at work and it seems like the business is not going away anytime soon. This is a short work week because of Thanksgiving, so we will enjoy the time off to spend with family and catch up on projects. Our backyard is still on pause while we sort out the dispute with the pool finish manufacturer that caused thousands of dollars in damage.

We can make it!

Skyler Calls Daddy

Yesterday, after I got off the phone with Renea and Skyler, he decided to call me back, but I had just turned my phone off because I was on my way home. He tried leaving me some messages and I just listened to them this afternoon.

Play Skyler's Voicemail Messages

Veterans Day

I have been thinking a lot about our veterans lately and I want to sincerely apologize, on behalf of our country, for all the disrespect and lack of gratitude our fellow Americans have shown through the years. This is especially important now, as more and more negative stories are repeated, including Hollywood movies. Let us all remember our past and current Veterans and be thankful for their service to the greatest country in the world.

Sleeping on the Job

After we returned from grocery shopping, Skyler got right to work, vacuuming the house.
He was so tired that he fell asleep before turning it off.

I am wrapping up another semester of my graduate classes through ASU. We have a longer weekend because of Veterans Day on Monday. I made a video to honor the veterans we have at our school and played it for over 1200 students and staff yesterday. We also had a flag raising ceremony with everyone at the start of classes.

How to Build a Pool in Only Three Months

Even though it should take about a month, it's been well over two months and our backyard is still not done. This week the pool had the wrong surface sprayed in. I guess a big mismatch of the formula occurred and it's a problem across the country. Last week we put in our garden lights and just finished putting rock around the perimeter. Today, the artificial grass installers didn't know that there were two sections to put in, so they will be returning tomorrow. Last month, the wrong pool tile was installed and had to be replaced. We've had multiple problems with the new brick wall, flagstone, and side gate.

On a positive note, I have been enjoying spending time in the backyard as I check on the building process. There have been some amazing sunsets and tonight I laid on the artificial grass and watched the stars.

Made My Day

Not only did our soccer team play their best game ever, I came home to read an email forwarded to me by our school's principal that really put a smile on my face:

Dear Mrs. Truett,

My children, ******** and ********, are in 7th grade at Hillcrest Middle School.  I just wanted to let you know how happy my husband and I are with the education our kids are receiving.  We are especially happy with one of ********'s teachers.
******** had a small problem with one of his projects in Jeff Herold's Drama class.  Of course, being a 12 year old, he didn't bring it to my attention.  I happened to look at his grades on line and was shocked!.  My husband and I immediately sat down with him and discussed it and then e-mailed Jeff about our concerns.  Our son was completely at fault!  Jeff kept in constant contact with my husband and I by e-mail andf worked with, and encouraged ********, in a very fair and positive manner.  Needless to say, we are very impressed with him as a teacher and as a role model for our young son.  ******** learned valuable lessons about respect, responsibility, and honesty.  Kudos to Jeff Herold for having such a positive impact  on our son over such a small matter!
Thank you for your time.  Happy Halloween!