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Church, Mall, and Arribas

Today we took Skyler to church, but left the service early to check out the Sunday School program. We all seemed like he will enjoy it when we go next week. Then, we went to the mall and got him a couple pairs of shoes. He grew a size-and-a-half since we bought him shoes at the end of summer. We couldn’t wait to get home to have some food, so we stopped by Arribas and had some New Mexican. Yummy!

Black-As-Death Friday

Yesterday, we visited my parents for Thanksgiving and had a nice meal over discussions of Black Friday and the crowds of people that always go crazy.

This morning, I read some stories and saw video of the aftermath of a swarm of insane people out shopping. These crazies literally risked their lives wanting to save a few bucks on worthless crap that will break or be forgotten in a few months. I feel very sad for the employee (about my age) who died in this mob-storm. Even a pregnant woman got pushed down and had to be taken to a hospital. I sat comfortably in my office chair and made some online purchases.

Later today, we went to Renea’s mom’s house and had another turkey meal. Skyler I played pirates in the backyard. It was a relaxing two days - something many people didn’t get to do because of the need to shop. I’m very thankful for the blessings that God has given me, including the ability to spend time with family and avoid angry crowds.


Tonight, Renea sent me out to buy WALL-E, which was released today on DVD. We planned on seeing it in the theaters this summer, but changed our minds after our attempt to see Kung-Fu Panda (which we actually just rented this past weekend - it was good). WALL-E, was much better than I had anticipated and I am glad we purchased it. It’s one of those movies that we’ll watch again and again. Though there were few words spoken, the story and emotions felt throughout the movie really made it a keeper. Here is an excellent review that sums up my views also: Amazon.com customer review of WALL-E.

It’s fun asking Skyler to say the name of the movie. WALLLLL-EEEEEEE!

Like Father, Like Son

I took this photo tonight when I saw Skyler pick up a magazine in the bathroom. Notice that it’s a Scientific American. He is so smart!

Playing Doctor

Last night, we watched Eliana and her baby brother, Ethan. I took Ethan into the office and we enjoyed listening to some classical music while watching the random visualizer on the computer. Skyler and Eliana played doctor.

The Polar Express 2008

A couple of days ago, Renea and I took Skyler on The Polar Express. We went a couple years ago, but he was asleep for a lot of it. This year, he got to see some of his friends there, including Eliana, and the twins, Nick and Quinn. On the train, we got to read along to the story and have cookies and a warm chocolate drink. Everyone sang Christmas carols and enjoyed the train ride up to the North Pole and back. Skyler had a blast and was the first child to receive a bell from Santa. Right before we headed back home, Skyler had fun chasing his mom with a chunk of ice.

Here’s all the photos!

Much Respect

Today is Veterans Day and I have a great respect for those that have served in our military, including many family members and friends.

Our school is celebrating and honoring our veterans with a morning ceremony and a video I made this weekend:

Here is the one I made last year:

Basking in Beethoven

Tonight, I attended a classical music concert with my parents. For the past year, I have been enjoying some audiobooks by Jeffrey Siegel. He performs famous pieces and gives background information to make the music more of a learning experience and forces the audience to experience the composers’ intent more meaningfully. The concert series are normally at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, but it is currently undergoing remodeling. Tonight, it was held at Pinnacle Presbyterian Church, in Scottsdale, which was very beautiful and tremendously added to the experience.

I am very compassionate while I listen to the music and life of Beethoven and I shed a few tears during tonight’s performance. I’m glad I have chronic allergies to use as an excuse!

Hey, You Gimme My Candy!

Last night, we took Skyler to his friends, Nick and Quinn, to go Trick-or-Treating. There was a big caravan of us, walking up and down the neighborhood, stopping at all of the houses with the porch lights on. Some had spooky decorations and caused lots of excitement. Skyler repeated his infamous slogan a few times: “Hey, you gimme my candy!”. Since he’s only three, everyone forgave his unapparent rudeness.

Check out the photos.