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Hospitals and Rainbows

Yesterday, we had my parents, grandma Elsie, uncle Mike, brother and girlfriend Megan and her son, over for food and company. My uncle and I took my dad to an urgent care office and then later he checked into the hospital to deal with his leg. I visited him this afternoon with my mom and he is doing good. I helped him with some "Cyber Monday" shopping.

After everyone left Sunday afternoon, Skyler and I played out in the rain and saw a double rainbow!

Thanksgiving 2009

This weekend, I drove over 1000 miles. Wow! It was a nice drive to Durango, CO and back. We visited Renea's dad and stepmom. It was a very relaxing weekend with lots of fresh air.

Our first night was spent about halfway, in Gallup, NM. We stayed at a very large hotel, currently called the Gallup Inn. I swear it was haunted, with the hundreds of unoccupied rooms with dark, un-heated halls. I even suggested that they advertise it as haunted to attract more visitors (we were one of two occupied rooms). Our room was okay and heated. Skyler and I left mommy to work on her laptop. He wore pajamas and shoes during our two exploration treks throughout the various corridors and passageways. When we came back from our adventure, Skyler read aloud The Monster at the End of This Book. I videotaped it. Renea and I were all smiles.

On Friday, we drove to Pagosa Springs. There, Skyler was impatient during a quick photo shoot, so he dropped his pants and underwear and started his business in the little creek area, outside a very nice resort! It was just Skyler and I hanging out, when I heard shouting from 20 yards away. They were trying to get me to notice what Skyler was doing, since I was preoccupied with my camera. My first reaction to pull up his pants was met with more shouting to stop and let everything finish. It was a very funny moment, to say the least.

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Thankful For Our Former President

I am thankful for our former President and his wife, Laura. Last week, I read about them visiting Fort Hood soon after the terrorist shooting. My first and only remaining thought is about how much respect I have for President Bush. No press, no huge deal. He just wanted to spend some time with our brave soldiers in a time of need. I am really grateful that his heart is in the right place. Someday, I hope to meet him.

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Sausage Party and a Swim Ribbon

Ok, I know it sounds weird, but our friends hosted their annual sausage-making party on Saturday. It's been a few years since we've attended. Skyler wasn't even born yet. Renea and I have yet to actually participate in the sausage-making part, but it was fun to see friends and coworkers. I enjoyed watching Skyler play with kids his age.

Earlier that morning, I took Skyler to his weekly swim lessons and he did so well that he received a swim ribbon. He was so proud of it and so was I.

Amelia, McCartney, and Skyler wonder where the scary spiders are...

Joey the Bug at the Hospital

Joey the Bug at the Hospital
by Skyler and Daddy
November 20, 2009

Where is my friend, Joey the bug? I like to play with him and tell him about my day. I like to hear about his day, too.

I found Joey! He was hiding in the backyard. He was shy because of grandma. She’s not at home right now. My grandma likes to read and play with me.

Oh, no! My dog ate Joey the bug! Now we have to get a new Joey the bug. Where can I found one? Where is the new Joey the Bug? We need to find one now!

Is he at the grocery store? No.
Is he at school? No.
Is he at the circus? No.
Is he at the park? No.
Is he at the hospital? Yes he is!

The new Joey the bug is with my grandma at the hospital. He likes grandma. He reads books with her. They talk about the stories. She is very nice to him.

My grandma is sick right now. I want her to get better. I want to play with her. My grandma is fun and likes to make me laugh.

Grandma is going to get better. Joey is going to help her. They are friends.

Tomorrow, Joey the bug has a big day. He is going to come back to my house and play with me. Maybe he will share a book with me. I am happy that Joey saw my grandma at the hospital.

Goodnight, Joey the bug. Sweet dreams. See you next time.

The End

Nathan's Baptism, Early Thanksgiving, and a Walkathon

My nephew, Nathan, was baptized today! It took place after the service at my parents' church in Scottsdale. I am very proud of him and his commitment to God. I have not been baptized, so I am inspired by Nathan. Maybe, I will do it in the near future.

Yesterday, we visited Jon and Margo's house for an early Thanksgiving, since Renea and I are taking Skyler to Colorado. Lots of delicious food, including KFC grilled chicken and a pot roast was had by all. Skyler enjoyed reading a Noah's Ark book with his Grandma Margo.

Skyler and I had to leave a little early to get to a walkathon that our school's National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) was sponsoring. I am one of the NJHS advisors, so I brought Skyler along to join in the fun.

Grandma Barb Visits

This past week Grandma Barb came all the way from Michigan to visit with family out here. We had a great time playing dominoes and Wii Bowling. She's really good!

It was so nice to spend some quality time with my mom's mom. I enjoyed talking to her about politics, religion, and life in general. I wish she would visit more often. Skyler liked playing his great-grandma from far away. She is an amazing woman, with an amazing life story. I really respect her a lot.

Maybe we can visit her next year.

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Twins' Birthday Party

Skyler was invited to his friends' 5th birthday party today. Everyone had fun playing (or watching) the games and the bouncy room.

It was also Veterans Day. I am very thankful for every veteran, including my dad, my grandpas, great uncle, father-in-law, stepdaughter, and friends.

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Joey the Bug is Mean

Joey the Bug is Mean
by Skyler and Daddy
November 6, 2009

I see Joey the bug! I am so happy to find him again. He wants to play again. Maybe he wants to play in my sandbox again.

Let’s play in the sandbox with some toys. Joey the bug likes to crawl up my arm. Today he is crawling up my arm a lot.

Ouch! Joey just bit me. He is not a nice bug. He is a mean bug. Why does he want to hurt me? Stop that, Joey the bug!

Maybe this is not the same Joey the bug. It looks a little different. It has little pinchers that might hurt me. I think it’s a mean bug. I don’t like it very much.

Go away, mean bug! You hurt me. I want to pour water on you, but I won’t.

We need to be careful with bugs. Some of them are nice, but some of them are mean. I don’t like the mean ones.

I wonder where the real Joey the bug is. Is he at home or is he at school? Could he be out playing with his friends. He is my friend, too.

Joey must be hiding. I need to look for him. Is he under the chair? Is he under the table? Is he under the toy?

Tomorrow, Joey has a big day. He is going to the park. Maybe he will tell us about going down the slide and running in the grass.

Goodnight, Joey the bug. Sweet dreams. See you next time.

The End

Joey the Bug Likes to Play

Joey the Bug Likes to Play
by Skyler and Daddy
November 5, 2009

School is out. Work is out. It’s time to play! What should we do? It’s such a nice afternoon. The sky is blue and the birds are singing. Let’s turn on some music, too.

Joey the bug wants to join us. He is done with school, too. First, we need to do some yard work. It’s important to take care of our yard. Fixing things and cleaning things are fun to do.

Oh no! The dogs are getting too close to Joey the bug. They might even step on him! We need to pick him up and protect our friend. Let’s take him over to the table. Be careful not to squeeze him too much. Joey is very tiny and very soft.

Does Joey the bug like the sandbox? I wonder if he will like to play there. In the sandbox, we have lots of toys and lots of sand. Joey likes the blue bucket and the sea shells. He can play on the truck, too!

Joey the bug is really tired now and wants to go home to his family. His mommy and daddy are waiting for him. Where does his family live? They live in the sandbox! Maybe they live under the toys in the sandbox.

Tomorrow, Joey has a big day. He is going to spend time with his family and do some really fun things. Maybe he will tell us about his fun day.

Goodnight, Joey the bug. Sweet dreams. See you next time.

The End

Another Soccer Season Over

Our school's co-ed, intramural soccer season is over. We had a lot of fun playing and learning skills. I always enjoy hanging out with students during soccer and cutting loose. Though we didn't get to play other schools, it was still a great few weeks of playing scrimmages.

I'm on the far right.

Circus Park

Today, we went to a Circus Park in Mesa. My parents' church was hosting an event at a city park with food, fun, and music - all with a circus theme. Skyler enjoyed running around and teasing Grandma Elsie with her hat.

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