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You're Copying Me!

Skyler and his mommy left me a message today. They are so silly. I love hearing them.

Listen to it here:


Pirate Bed

Renea and I discovered the most amazing children's bedroom, ever! It features a Pirate Bed, made out of pool cues, with custom-made paper flags. It also includes freshly cut palm leaves from front-yard landscaping. Surrounding the wooden bed are numerous pirate-themed toys, which are preparing for battle!

Working in the Front Yard

Skyler and I trimmed some shrubs, pulled some weeds, and cut some trees. The weather was great and it was the weekend, so we spent a while enjoying the day and working in the front yard. The most difficult part is cleaning up the mess (and figuring out where to put it).

Thanksgiving 2010

We went to Jon and Margo's for Thanksgiving, which is only a half hour away. My parents joined us, as did other friends and family members. Skyler liked playing outside with his cousins and eventually fell asleep next to his cousin, Nathan. I am very thankful that everyone had a nice time visiting and that no "family drama" occurred!

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My mom and dad helping out with Thanksgiving dinner.

Pie in the Face, the Trunk, and Age of War

As one of the co-advisors for our school's NJHS, I enjoyed filming and the throwing of cream pies in students' faces (and hair). It was for a fundraiser to send money for juvenile diabetes research. It was a good end to the school day before Thanksgiving. Later on, I put Skyler in the trunk (he tried to make a sad face). Later on, we played one of our favorite online video games, Age of War. He likes to sit on my lap and help me crush the enemies.

Where is the Ice Cream Man?

My dad came over after Skyler's tumbling class and after he left, Skyler and I were playing in the backyard when we heard the neighborhood ice cream man's truck, or so we thought. We ran to the front and waited impatiently for a while. We missed him, but had fun talking about our favorite ice cream treats.


After our new Friday night swim lessons, I took Skyler to In-N-Out for a cheeseburger and fries. He really loved it and wants to go again real soon. I know he doesn't remember, but the last time we were at an In-N-Out was in Las Vegas a few years ago.

Dynamite Park

Skyler and I took the dogs down to the park on Dynamite Boulevard, at the entrance to our neighborhood. He teased Storm and Gambit with his candy, but I defended them by getting Skyler back! The weather is so nice right now and we took advantage of it.

Josh is Out!

They finally released Josh. He wanted me to take some photos of his injuries, even though they were starting to heal. His ear was looking good, too, though the doctors say he might have some hearing loss. The photos below show his back and both arms.

Pumpkin Growing

Not to forget the month of October and all the pumpkins it entails, Skyler brought home a pumpkin seed to be planted. We placed it in a plastic container and gave it some water and sun. It has a popsicle stick with the words "pumpkin" and "Skyler". He is very proud of his mini garden.

Star Wars Kids

I visited Josh again and he seems to be doing better. He ate and talked a little. The doctors say he might be in the hospital a couple more days. On the way home, I picked up Skyler form Nick and Quinn's. A neighbor kid joined them for a warrior pose with Star Wars lightsabers. I just had to take a photo!

Mummy Fort

More fort fun! My mom was in Michigan, so just my dad and brother came over for some food, fort, and freakin' cold water. The guys went in the heated jacuzzi, but Skyler had fun scooping out the cold pool water and pouring it on our backs! I think some of us even ended up jumping in the pool for a very, very short time.

My dad and Skyler started off the evening with the mummy (my bass guitar and case).

Fort Pool Table

Skyler and I used the pool table and some blankets to make the coolest fort ever.

Juice boxes and strong cheese sticks were required.


When I entered the main office of our school this morning, my assistant principal approached me and asked if I had her from Renea. My cellphone was off and I immediately started to worry. She told me that Renea was on her way to a hospital to be with Josh, who had fallen off his longboard early this morning, hitting his head on the pavement, and sustaining a concussion.

For the rest of the school day, I was thinking and praying, along with doing my teaching job. After work, I dropped Skyler off at his friends', Nick and Quinn, and went to the hospital to see Josh. He didn't realize I was there, because he was in deep sleep. Renea was okay, but shared with me that today was one of the worst days in her life, especially after seeing lots of blood coming out of Josh's ear. The doctor told her that other, similar accident victims weren't so lucky.

Suddenly, many matters seem to be...trivial. I look forward to Josh's complete recovery and spending more time with him.

Veterans Day 2010

Once again, I made a short Veterans Day DVD for our students to watch, honoring the employees at our school that have served or currently serve our country. It is an honor that I take on and love it!

Milky, Again

Skyler got to hang out with Milky the Cow again. This time, he only had him for the night, not the weekend, so he took him to tumbling practice and then shared a burger at home. Below, read the entry we all wrote together about our time spent with Milky.

Milky and Skyler had a great time together. First, Skyler and Milky played outside. Then, it was time to go to gymnastics. Milky loved going on the trampoline with Skyler. After gymnastics, we went to McDonald's and got a Happy meal. Skyler can't wait to have Milky come to our house again.

Milky Rocks!


Rainbow Trout Fish Farm

I am so stuffed from fish! After making his spiders, I took Skyler on a fishing trip with my dad, brother, and nephew. Nathan and Skyler caught lots of fish and we cooked them all. I think we ate most of 8 or 9 of 'em, plus other sides and snacks. The atmosphere was perfect, including the weather and scenery. I highly recommend visiting the Sedona Rainbow Trout Farm. Skyler had a blast, catching so many fish. He was good at molding the bait. It was nice to have a guys day out and relax by the water.

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Playdough Spider

This morning, Skyler made the best spider this morning and I just had to snap a photo. You can see him in the background, probably working on another creation.

Carnival and Light the Night

Today was a busy day, with Skyler's school carnival and then the annual Light the Night fundraiser walk. Skyler must have been on my shoulders for half the time, but it was good exercise and for a good cause. Some of my students showed up and walked in a giant group, trying to distance themselves form the teachers! When we got home, Spiderman was so tired from waving to fans and climbing webs that he fell asleep as soon as I brought him inside.

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Camera Shy

Ashley came to visit and I got only one photo where she wasn't hiding from my camera (her usual modus operandi). It wasn't long before she had Skyler doing the same!

Balloon Landing

Yesterday, as I was pulling into our driveway after work, I saw a hot air balloon that appeared to be a few seconds from crashing into our house or a nearby house. I rushed inside and had Skyler and Renea go out into the backyard, where we witnessed a balloon landing a few feet behind our brick wall. It was within inches to a tall saguaro and a mesquite tree! There were a few other balloons that landed much farther away.

We see them in the air behind our house almost every single day, but this is the first time I saw one land behind us. This reminded me of the time a balloon took off or landed (or both) right behind our house in Michigan in the early 80s.

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Soccer 2010

We finished our fall 2010 soccer season. I am the head coach and have a no-cut co-ed middle school (7th and 8th grade) team that scrimmages and plays a couple of fun games with other schools/organizations. There aren't any other soccer teams in our district at the middle school level, so we don't get to play many teams, but the players always have fun and it's a great experience for students who don't normally join a sports team in school.

Notice how rusty our goal is! We actually play far behind us, at the high school. We practiced/played a couple times per week and it was good for me to burn some calories off and make a little extra money. My assistant coaches were very helpful this year and took orders from me very well! Ha ha!