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Trick or Treat

Skyler took his mom and dad out to trick or treat around the neighborhood tonight. He loved walking around and collecting candy. Neighbors loved his Thomas the Train costume. Skyler was really scared of one of the neighbors' scary porch, but he ended up wanting to overcome his fears and see all the lights, music, and scary monsters.

Scholarship Presentation

Renea and I left work for a few minutes to witness Josh get his $5000 "big check" that he recently learned about. Here he is with the principal from his school. He also had a short interview and his photo taken for the school newspaper.

Another Double-Ear Infection

Skyler started out this morning with a fever and was diagnosed with a double-ear infection. He just had one right before our San Francisco trip. Renea stayed with him most of the day. I just watched an ER episode (#294) where one of the main character's young toddler fell off a jungle gym at the playground and went through some problems at the hospital. His crying sounded just like Skyler's.

No More B-I-N-K-Y

Ever since we lost Skyler's binky (pacifier) right before boarding the plane back to Phoenix a few days ago, he hasn't had one. Of course he cried for it a couple of times, but he is noticeably more mature and seems to be coping.


Warning: The following update may offend some people, however, we don't care.

This morning, after swim lessons, Skyler went #2, all by himself, in his big-boy potty. He was sitting on it earlier in the morning and did a tiny bit of #1, but this second time really counted. We are very proud of him.

Papa Stu

Renea's dad visited us right when we came back from our California trip and left this morning. He enjoyed his stay and we all had a great time hanging out. Renea took yesterday off, so her and Skyler could spend more time. They went to Cabela's and looked at all the animals (taxidermal and live). He drove back to Durango, CO this morning. We plan on visiting him for Thanksgiving.

Back From San Fran

Last night we got back from our trip. We had a wonderful time and every moment was pleasant. Ashley and her boyfriend, Nick, spent some time with us on the weekend and Bill and Janie were excellent tour guides. My favorite site was Alcatraz and going on the tour. I took lots of photos and short movie clips, so I will be putting those online soon.


Skyler has been sick since Saturday afternoon with fevers and a double-ear infection. The week before, he took turns with his mom and I - we were all sick. I haven't officially worked since monday and I won't until next Tuesday, so this is my Fall break. Tomorrow morning we all get on a plane to see Uncle Bill, Aunt Janie, Ashley, her boyfriend (Nick), and Thomas the Train.