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Trick or Treat 2009

We took Skyler to his friends' house for trick or treating again. It's always fun to watch the kids dress up and everyone walk around the neighborhood. Skyler worked hard to get tons of candy an I hope he shares with me. If not, I know some high places to put his bag.

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Skyler's Class Celebrates Halloween

Skyler was Spiderman for his school Halloween party. His Grandma Margo got him the costume and he likes to wear it quite often. He loves the Spiderman movies and likes to act out scenes. Renea got to visit him during the party at school and take some photos. The last photo is Skyler and his teacher, Ms. Sarah.

This last photo is, by far, my favorite. I am glad that Renea spent a little time at his school and shared in the event. They both look so happy!

Cornfield Maze

This afternoon, Skyler took his mommy and daddy and his grandparents, Papa Steve and Grandma Carrie, to a cornfield maze. The first thing we did was put him in his Halloween costume, The Scarecrow, and start a quick photo shoot at the pumpkin patch.

Then we walked over to the maze area and watched Skyler play a bunch of fun games. He won so many prizes.

Next up was the big maze. Skyler took us on a tour of the cornfield and promptly helped us get lost. We ended up taking some unauthorized shortcuts to reach the end.

We decided to play a couple more games before going home. Skyler even made a cool tie-dyed shirt.

At home, we carved a couple pumpkins. Mine was a little difficult, with a lot of zigzags and special cuts. They looked pretty neat with the lights out and a candle inside them.

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Skyler, the Inventor

Skyler used his mini skateboard, from today's winter clothes shopping trip, to help him get the heavy watering can over to some recently planted flowers that needed it. Last weekend, he and his mom planted trees, bushes, and flowers after we had a few removed. He is so smart and very helpful.

Zoo Trip With Papa Stu and Grandma Gwen

Yesterday, Skyler took his grandparents from Colorado and also his mom to the Wildlife World Zoo. He got some scraps on his legs from overexcitement from him and a goose. It was nice to see Stu and Gwen. We plan on visiting them for Thanksgiving. It will be nice to get into much cooler weather and possibly see snow!

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Email From Teacher

This was a quick email this morning from Skyler's preschool teacher, Ms. Sara:

He is very happy today. He told me,"Look, I can fart," and makes a farting noise with his mouth!!! Too funny!

Josh and Kaleigh: Soon To Be Teens No More

That's right. My stepson Josh and his cousin, Kaleigh, will no longer be teenagers, starting next September. We had a little celebration for them this weekend and some of us ate a little bit too much ice cream cake! Even playing Wii games did not help much. My dad even tried to steal some of Skyler's desert!

Skyler Knows What Time It Is

Skyler had some friends over to hang out and play with. He also invited the parents of those kids. Eliana and Amelia enjoyed his company.