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Halloween 2010

Halloween was so much fun with lots of candy acquired and many friends around. I like our annual tradition of hanging out with our friends, Mark and Jenny, and their family (and more friends). It is a great experience each year and I look forward to next Halloween, where I plan on making Renea dress up!

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Killers, International

Renea planned a really fun murder mystery party for employees and we hosted it at our house. Everyone had to dress their part and act according to their script or character profile. There were a couple dozen people who had to listen to scenes and guess the killer and choose the best-dressed. Everyone had a great time and I liked being the "Top Gun", boss of the crime organization. I spent an hour at Savers for my outfit and wish I could dress like this more often.

Kindergarten Halloween

Halloween party at school! Ok, it was probably called "Fall Festival" or "Autumn Celebration", but Skyler still had a good time with his classmates, all wearing fun costumes. His teacher, Mrs. Hoelzen, wore a Batgirl outfit. Skyler, as Spiderman, was glad to partner up to defeat the bad guys.

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School Pumpkin

Skyler participated in the Kindergarten pumpkin patch and brought home this little guy. He wrote "BOO" all over it!

You Sank My Battleship!

Skyler beat me again! We love playing Battleship, though, looking at the photo, I am thinking that he likes to cheat...

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Today we went to MacDonald's Ranch in Scottsdale for their pumpkin patch and activities. Skyler took a long time to choose the perfect little pumpkin and was the greatest at lassoing the bull. He reminded us all that horses poop a lot and it smells really bad. He also got to ride his first horse. My dad got attacked by a desert tree during the hay wagon ride. My mom found out that she isn't too quick in a potato sack race. Afterwards, we went to our house to carve a few pumpkins. I ended up baking the seeds - and they were really tasty!

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Pirate Night

Tonight, we celebrated Pirate Night at Skyler's before-school care. The staff provided puppet shows, games, a pirate-themed inflatable bounce house, arts and crafts, pizza, and lots of fun. Skyler liked taking photos with his friend, Reece. Even though he fell asleep on the way home (with his booty), he managed to wake up for a bit to play with his bathtub/pool pirate boat in the sink.

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Itsy Bitsy Spider

Skyler brought home a project he made in school: the Itsy Bitsy Spider! It has a straw and plastic ring spider on the left. Very creative!

Later on, he got a microwavable "diet" meal - one of his favorite afterschool snacks (besides candy).

Skyler Home Alone

This weekend, we left Skyler home alone (just kidding, he was with Grandma Margo). Renea and I joined some friends in Prescott for a couple days. It was a food-filled weekend (notice how the women are in the kitchen). I also took a bunch of engagement photos of Steve and Ann-Marie. In the third photo, you can just guess what Steve was doing.

Kindercat Club

Recently, Skyler was chosen to be in the Kindercat Club at his school for following classroom rules, demonstrating exemplary behavior, always doing his best work, and being a role model to other kindergarteners. Today, he got to celebrate his achievement with other new members and the school principal, who read the kids a book and served them cookies and milk. Way to go, Skyler!

Hiking Near Work

Renea and I had the day off, so we took Skyler hiking in the desert, down the street from where we work. The weather was great and Skyler enjoyed leading the way. Afterwards, I took him to Toys R Us to exchange his allowance/chore money for some toys. In the second photo, you can see his money cup and the toys.

Creatures of the Desert World

My parents and brother spend the afternoon with us and brought Skyler a cool pop-up book, Creatures of the Desert World. They enjoyed reading it with him. Books are a great gift and Skyler is learning letters and words, so it was a perfect gift.

Backyard Camping

Skyler and I pitched a tent, nuked some chicken and spent the afternoon looking at toy catalogs. Doesn't get much better than this!


We don't too many hail storms in Arizona, but when we do, they usually end up in disaster. This time, it happened during Skyler's weekly gymnastics/tumbling class. The ceiling rattled and the windows got pelted with softball-sized balls of hard ice. I didn't notice it until a couple days later, but my convertible top got a nice, little tear, just above the rear window (along with a few dings in the body). You can't repair tops - they must be replaced. Ugh...

I Love Teaching

This is why I love being a middle school teacher. I have the best job in the world.

My crazy, 4th hour students.

Josh and Kallie's Breakfast

This morning, we went over to Renea's Mom's house for a "birthday breakfast", honoring Josh and his cousin, Kallie. It was a nice change and I was stuffed from all the potatoes and eggs. Those are things I could eat anytime, anywhere!

Halloween Decorations

Skyler and his mom spent some time tonight making Halloween decorations for the living room window. By the end of the night, there were dozens of drawings and stickers up. Of course you can't get creative without a little candy inspiration.