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Josh Turns 16

Tomorrow morning, on his birthday, he is getting his license with his mom. He is a very mature driver and I have no problem with him taking my Mustang out all by himself. Josh has proven to be a very responsible young man. This is one of the oldest photos I found on my computer of him. He's a lot taller now.

Midnight Shower

Skyler and I were both not feeling too well and we decided to take a nice warm shower to clear our heads and nostrils. It made us both feel a little better and allowed us to get some sleep.

75 Years

Tonight was Grandma Dixie's 75th birthday celebration. She looked great and had a good time. Skyler had fun playing with his cousin and another youngster.

Visiting the Park

Renea and I took Skyler and Storm to one of the little parks by our house. It was good exercise and the weather was nice. Skyler had fun being introduced to the various textures under his feet and Storm did pretty well for her first time with a collar and leash.

Daddy's Rocking Chair

Today we visited my parents at their house. Skyler and I went to swimming lessons after a two week hiatus and picked up Renea, who, along with me, thought my parents were visiting us! Everything worked out and we had an enjoyable time. Grandma Wolf was there, too. I took this photo of Skyler in the rocking chair I remember using when I was a child (he also used one of my forks for lunch). Later, my dad and I picked up a DVD/VCR combo and spent a while trying to connect it.