Herolds' Hangout

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What Are They Doing?

This morning, Skyler was mesmerized at the workers digging around and making a general mess in his backyard. Later in the afternoon, he and his mom got to play in the dirt. Well, it was more playing and sitting comfortably in a chair.

Yesterday was Josh's 17th birthday. He celebrated by refereeing the Hillcrest soccer team (that he helps me coach) for their first game. He then had to zip to his own soccer practice. Recently, Josh was awarded a $5000 college scholarship for an essay his wrote last year in school. Not bad.


Renea and I took turns spending this past weekend with Josh at his soccer tournament in Tucson. We used the TomTom navigation unit I bought a few days ago. His team won two, lost two, and tied once. Josh received his first ever yellow card, which was immediately changed into a red card. He had to come out of the game and sit out for the next one. He claims it was a sacrifice to prevent a goal. It was fun watching him purposely push the other guy in the back.

Celebrating Early

We visited Skyler's grandpa yesterday and celebrated my dad's birthday a couple days early. In two years, we will have to have a big party for the big six-o. Everyone helped put our old grill back together, take apart a sandbox, and play a game of Phase 10 (I won). Later on we went for a nice swim.

Back in the Swing of Things

We arrived home yesterday afternoon, but I am still exhausted and I have dirty clothes all over the place. Skyler enjoyed seeing all of his relatives and was absolutely wonderful on the plane - both ways. Today, I reviewed with my students the comments from the substitute and we were all happy (some of them even clapped). My brother and I took well over 1000 photos of our cousin's wedding and family get-togethers. There is also a couple hours worth of video for the ceremony and reception (which will be fun, but time-consuming to edit). Selected photos will be posted online soon.