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Josh's First Gig

Last night, Josh and his friend, Victor, played their first gig at The Mighty Cup, in Glendale, AZ as The Carnations. I got there a few minutes late (blaming traffic, fire trucks, and distance). It was a very comfortable, little place and the weather was perfect. They played outdoors, in the front area, for about half an hour. I videotaped and took some photos. It was cool to be there and remember my first gig in Arizona back on May 2nd, 1997. I have the taped audio recording of my gig and will be transferring it to a digital file soon. I’m glad I was there to witness Josh’s performance.

Josh also turned 18 on Friday. We will be celebrating this evening at his grandma’s house.

Legoland and the Ocean

Yesterday, we got back from our quick trip to San Diego, visiting Legoland, their new Sealife Aquarium, and the ocean. After picking up Skyler at his school, we spent a day at the beach and the two parks. The next day we met up with Mark and Jenny and their two twin boys, who are a few months older than Skyler. Everyone had a great time and lots of pictures were taken. I even videotaped Skyler on the little gokarts, documenting his numerous crashes into the wall. It was very funny!

Skyler also started using a new phrase when he drops something. It is something that shouldn’t be said and I won’t type it here. We are redirecting him to say “Holy Moly” instead.

Check out the photos.

Papa Steve's Brithday

We went over to my parent’s house for a little birthday celebration for my dad. He turns the big 6-Oh next year! Skyler got to see hi great-grandma Elsie and play with his cousin, Lukas. Check out the photos.

Notice how intently Skyler is looking towards the cake!

Skyler and Eliana Swim

Skyler invited his friend, Eliana, to go swimming. She brought her baby brother, Ethan, too. Everyone had lots of fun and there were some tears as the day ended. Check out the photos.

Naval Academy Graduation

Renea got back from seeing Ashley graduate from the language school in Monterrey, California. She is not sure of what her next orders will be, so there is a lot of necessary patience. Her friend, Melissa, and Patrick’s mother also visited for the weekend.