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Gecko and Mask

There was a gecko that actually allowed me to take a bunch of close up photos. No, it wasn't dead! I enjoyed testing out the camera on my first really close shots (almost macro). Shortly after, Skyler showed off his new mask. He is so creative!


Risk - The Game of Global Domination. This and Stratego were two of my favorite games as a kid. Skyler has been interested in setting up the pieces and making up his own game for us to play. I still play similar games online.

Bronson and Amberlin's Birthday

After spying on Josh and a couple friends recording a music video, Renea and I took Skyler to celebrate Bronson and Amberlin's birthdays. Notice Bronson's teenage acne! It was about 10 years ago when I first met him and we became friends.

El Diablo de Juego

Skyler and I went to one of Josh's indoor soccer games. He plays on a co-ed team on Friday nights. He scored and played pretty tough. They won the game!

This was a good time to test out the indoor settings on my new camera.

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Learning Letters

Skyler likes to sit on my lap and play video games, watch YouTube videos, and type. He is doing so great at saying his letters. I love to hear him sound out words. When he asks me what something says, I think how wonderful it is to learn new things. He's also a great artist and likes to draw creepy, crawly creatures. Skyler reminds me that no matter how busy I may be or how I am feeling, sharing and learning with him are the greatest joys I can have as a father.

Election Ahead

There's been lots of chatter about the upcoming fall elections. Personally, our family has a school district override that effects both Renea and I. I am a news junkie and can't get enough of talk radio and television news. I am looking forward to November and got Jon a very timely and appropriate shirt (I also have one). We also celebrated Renea's grandma's birthday and had a great meal and cake. Just look at all those smiles!


Skyler loves his gymnastics and tumbling classes. He spends an hour every Tuesday afternoon and sweats a ton during practice. I drink lots of water just watching him!

We love taking him and watching how he learns to control his body and follow directions. Skyler was born to bounce!

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Happy Birthday, Dad

We had a nice Saturday afternoon, celebrating my dad's 61st birthday. For the past several years, September 11th always seemed like a depressing day that conflicted with spending time with my father. This time, it was full of smiles and fun.

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I feel bad for the accident this past weekend in Colorado and will remember it forever! However, Skyler is one tough guy and will remember how much fun we had.

Durango in September

We had a fun and eventful weekend in Durango, CO to visit Renea's side of the family. I consider them my side, too, because I really enjoy the drive and being with everyone in such a beautiful place. We stayed at the Durango Mountain Resort (aka Purgatory). The room was huge and relatives visited us there on Saturday.

We did a lot of outdoor activities, including the Alpine Slide. On our second trip down, Skyler and I thought it would be a good idea to go faster. We went faster...and ended up crashing about halfway down. We ended up having to go the rest of the way, and once we got back on the track, he wanted to keep going fast! There was a medic waiting for us at the bottom and she helped get us bandaged up.

Later that evening we all played Phase 10 and cause such a major uproar that security had to be called to our room! Actually, we weren't really that loud and it wasn't that late, so I think that the neighbors were just dealing with a recent lack of sleep.

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First Shots T2i

I got a new camera (Canon Rebel T2i), that I have been salivating over the past few months after borrowing Jon's camera to take 8th grade promotion photos. The school bought it for me to take school photos, but I just had to start practicing with it! These are the first three photos I took, right out of the box.

Notice the two Star Wars lunch bags in the first photo. The second one was purchased after the first one went missing (and before finding it).