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When I entered the main office of our school this morning, my assistant principal approached me and asked if I had her from Renea. My cellphone was off and I immediately started to worry. She told me that Renea was on her way to a hospital to be with Josh, who had fallen off his longboard early this morning, hitting his head on the pavement, and sustaining a concussion.

For the rest of the school day, I was thinking and praying, along with doing my teaching job. After work, I dropped Skyler off at his friends', Nick and Quinn, and went to the hospital to see Josh. He didn't realize I was there, because he was in deep sleep. Renea was okay, but shared with me that today was one of the worst days in her life, especially after seeing lots of blood coming out of Josh's ear. The doctor told her that other, similar accident victims weren't so lucky.

Suddenly, many matters seem to be...trivial. I look forward to Josh's complete recovery and spending more time with him.